Moody Road to drop to 45 mph

by / 0 Comments / 97 View / June 16, 2016

By Lindsay Starr Platt, Correspondent

Bell County Commissioners convened Monday morning for their regular meeting to discuss and consider agenda items. Before the agenda items were discussed, the minutes of May 23 meeting were considered and approved unanimously. The May 30 meeting was not conducted due to the Memorial Day holiday.

A public hearing was held for the consideration to change the speed limit on Moody Road to 45 miles per hour at the request of Lee Lackey. No public comments were made and the consideration was approved. County Commissioners mentioned that vehicles were recorded going well over the posted speed limit.

“I would say 99 miles per hour is too fast,” commented Bill Schumann, Bell County Commissioner, Precinct 3.

The consideration for Final Plat Approval of Cochran Estates was approved to be a one block subdivision. Cochran Estates is owned by George and Takako Cochran and is located off D.N. Watts Road. This subdivision approval will allow for a Right of Way of .07 acre for easements.

“The current easements were put in before we had subdivision guidelines,” said Richard Cortese, Bell County Commissioner, Precinct 1. “They have been using that easement for over 40 years.”

Appointments for members to the Bell County Historical Commission were approved after consideration. The new members will be: Linda Jean Smith of Salado, Kathy Taylor of Holland, Judy Tyler of Killeen and Terry Tyler of Killeen. Bell County Historical Commission is dedicated to the preservation and education of Bell County history.

“If anyone discovers an unknown cemetery they are required to file a notice with the county clerk,” said Shelley Coston, Clerk, Bell County. “The health and safety code of the state allows for a notice of existence of a cemetery to be recorded in the official public record of the county. We are going to go back and document the 179 cemeteries in existence that are already known. We are going to out that information in the official public records of Bell County.”