Morgan’s Point council honors officers

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Published Aug. 14, 2014

By David Tuma, The Belton Journal

Officers David Neal, Matt Hicks and Matt Thompson were presented with awards by Police Chief Fred Churchill. MPR trails their officers in vital live saving EMS training and keeps EMS equipment in the vehicles. On July 7 at 3 a.m. officers responded to an unresponsive female with no pulse. The officers began CPR and used an AED heart monitor. They finally got a pulse and she began breathing again.  She was taken to Scott and White Hospital and she survived.
Code enforcement worked 40 follow-ups concerning complaints in June. For the year the department has received 476 new incidents and cleared 183. The MPR Fire Department responded to 46 calls in July with four being fire calls in the city. Four water rescues were made and six of the calls were for fires in the county.
A vehicle crashed through the fence at water tower #1 with the driver leaving the scene. Officers later arrested the suspect. Nine vehicles were broken into with owners leaving the vehicles unlocked. All nine were unlocked with pistols, purses and computers missing. Deer calls were numerous with deer pulling trash out of uncovered trash cans. Total calls received for service in July was 2,008.
Gardner’s Way was approved for replat by the Morgan’s Point Resort city council, making way for the Lakewood Ranches subdivision set to be built in MPR. Lakewood Ranches should present their final plat to the council in September.
The council accepted the audit completed by Lott Vernon & Associates. MPR’s cash reserves and total assets were up again this year. In terms of month expenses and cash reserves the city has over a 12-month rainy day fund available.
Peyton Duran was approved to the library board, with Trey Spivey resigning in order to go to college in the fall.
The council tabled the approval of BSP Engineer’s master plan for all utility and street infrastructures.
The council reauthorized an election this fall to re-approve the use of sales tax dollars at the rate of one-fourth of one percent to provide funds for maintenance and repair of roads. The election to be held in November is not a tax increase. Every so often the council has to put the item up for vote.
Waste Management was approved for a 1.95 percent rate increase of 31 cents per household. The increase is in the contract the city has with Waste Management for trash pickup.
Utilities locked off 23 homes for non-payment of their water bills.
The next meeting will be held Sept. 9.