Morgan’s Point Resort City Council addresses ATV ban and ball rental rates

by / 0 Comments / 190 View / January 12, 2019

By Gary Emmert, Correspondent



The City Council of Morgan’s Point Resort met Tuesday evening for the first time in 2019.  In attendance were Mayor Dwayne Gossett, Mayor Pro-Tem Donna Hartmann, Council Members Dennis Green, Ronald Snow and Bruce Leonhardt, City Attorney Neale Potts, City Manager Andrew Bill, and City Secretary Althea F. Wall.



The first item, Ordinance 2019-01, would repeal Ordinance 10-33, passed in May of 2008, which “prohibited the operation of All-Terrain Vehicles, Dirt Bikes, and Sub-Sized Motorcycles within the city limits.”  As it stands now, the State of Texas Transportation Code 663.037 already prohibits the operation of these vehicles “unless used by a public utility, or in connection with an agricultural business.”  Chapter 663 of the same code furthermore does not “grant the right for municipalities to completely prohibit the use of all-terrain vehicles.” 



According to City Manager Andrew Bill, “Since 2008 the laws regarding those vehicles have gotten stricter to the point where it effectively does what the council had intended in 2008.”  Because of these laws passed by the State, Ordinance 10-33 is no longer necessary or enforceable.  The motion to approve Ordinance 2019-01 was passed unanimously.



The second item, 2019-02, would increase the light rental fees of Ansay Baseball Field from $35 to $50, due to the increased costs of “upkeep, materials, labor and electrical power.”  There is no charge for use of the park during the daytime, and there is something already in place to use it by signing up with the city.  The motion to approve Ordinance 2019-02 was also passed unanimously.



Karen Stagner, president of the Auxiliary of the Morgan’s Point Fire Department presented the Active Auxiliary Report.  Stagner thanked everyone who participated in the annual Christmas lighting contest, estimating that she had taken over 400 pictures of decorated houses around the city.



The group will be recreating their BBQ cook-off, which will be sanctioned by the Central Texas BBQ Association.  The event will be July 19 and 20 at Oakmont Park, and will feature a dunk tank in which she asked for volunteers from the City Council.



The Valentine Fireman’s Ball is coming up on February 9 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Temple; the theme is the Roaring 20’s.  There will be live music, door prizes, and a silent and live auction.  Proceeds benefit the Morgan’s Point Resort Fire Department and Emergency Services Personnel.  Stagner added that “Since 2016, the auxiliary has been able to partner with the city and give back to the Police and Fire Department purchases just over $50,000.”



The meeting adjourned after the presentation by the Active Auxiliary.