Morgan’s Point Resort swears in Mayor Gossett and Council

by / 0 Comments / 223 View / May 26, 2019

By David Tuma, Publisher


On Tuesday, May 14, Morgan’s Point Resort Mayor Dwayne Gossett was sworn in by Judge Ted Duffield. Donna Hartman was chosen by the council to serve as Mayor Pro-tem. Robert Johnson, Ronald Snow, Dennis Green and Bruce Leonhardt were sworn in after being elected to the council. Snow and Gossett spoke on the importance of Hartman during their serving on the council.

Hartman has served on the council and as mayor for decades. Her leadership has been instrumental for the area.

Johnson had to resign from the Zoning Commission in order to serve on the council. Michael Ortega was appointed to the Zoning Commission. There is still one spot open on the Zoning Commission. 

Jordan Petter was reappointed to the Library Committee. Petter a teacher at Belton High School has been instrumental in teaching students the joy of reading. She owns over 900 books. Joe Stanfield and Barbara Wood were appointed the Library Committee.

Thomas Edwards gave an update on the work being done on the grant the community was awarded for park improvements to Kleypas Park. There is a 38 question checklist that must be done to receive the funds. Work could begin as early as October. A topographical survey and archaeology survey must be completed. 

The council approved a resolution to keep Kleypas Park in perpetuity. This resolution was one of the requirements by the state for the grant.

Zoning issues were discussed at the council meeting. There are parts of the zoning ordinances that might need to be updated. A workshop is planned. City Manager Andrew Bill pointed out issues with exterior materials for accessory building and accessory buildings themselves. 

Jimmanne Durkee resigned from the Library Committee after serving 20-years. She was instrumental in the improvements to the Mary Ruth Briggs Library over the years.

The MPR Police Department received 1,665 calls for service in April. Not one business, home or vehicle has been broken into this year.