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MPR begins RU OK? senior program

by / 0 Comments / 94 View / June 10, 2015

By David Tuma, The Belton Journal

Morgan’s Point Resort have started an RU OK? program for senior citizens. This program is based on the program currently in operation at the Belton Police Department.

Twice a week, volunteers will call senior citizens who qualify for the program. It is designed to check on seniors who live alone and do not have family in the area, ensuring that they are both safe and comfortable.

“I watched how Belton ran their program and thought this would be a huge help to some of our citizens,” said MPR Police Chief Fred Churchill. “We are not changing from what they do in Belton.”

There were multiple calls from residents in Morgan’s Point who wanted to apply for the program in Belton but could not participate because they lived in a different community.

“We have a large senior population in Morgan’s Point. We were made aware of multiple citizens trying to apply for Belton’s RU OK? program,” said Churchill. “It is our hope to get some residents to apply for the program. We added two phone lines at the Emergency Center here. The volunteers will call Tuesday and Thursday.”

If the volunteers do not get an answer after three calls, they will request a police unit be sent to the resident’s home.

The service is free and establishes a prearranged time for participants to receive calls. The volunteers will try to call around the same time of day each time they call so seniors will know when to expect their call.

“This is a service we will provide to the citizens if they qualify,” said Churchill. “You have to be a resident of Morgan’s Point.”

The Belton Police Department has conducting this program for several years. They have worked out most of the issues that may or may not come up. That is the reason MPR is basing the program after the one developed in Belton.

Residents of MPR can apply at the Belton Senior Center or at the MPR Emergency Center. They have several volunteers to make the calls, but they could always use more assistance. Those who wish to become a volunteer should contact Chief Churchill at (254) 742-3252. For more information visit