MPR fire department gets Jaws of Life upgrade

by / 0 Comments / 236 View / December 3, 2015

By Caleb Mynatt, the Belton Journal

In a community, safety is one of the most important things citizens can possess. Knowing that the fire department and police force will always be there, ready to serve, is crucial for the working and stability of any community, city, or state. Governments and citizens realize that, and want to do everything to achieve the highest level of preparation for anything that would or could go wrong. That’s why in Morgan’s Point Resort, the City of Morgan’s Point, the Morgan’s Point Ladies Auxiliary Club, and the Morgan’s Point Fire Department have teamed up to give the best equipment to the citizens of Morgan’s Point that they can afford.

“We’re having an upgrade in the Jaws of Life and the materials that the fire department has,” said John Phillips, the Fire Chief in Morgan’s Point. “They’re set to arrive on December 8th, and we are really excited to get them.”

The Jaws of Life are tools used by fire departments to help people that are trapped in their cars after a car wreck. The Jaws of Life and related materials are very important to any fire department because of the specific purpose that they serve. When it comes to car wrecks, the damage on the car and the people inside can be very severe, and the Jaws of Life help expedite the process of saving someone from the wreckage of a car, before it is too late.

“When it comes to other things that the fire department does, there are alternate tools and ways that I can go about accomplishing a task,” said Phillips. “When it comes to a car, the Jaws of Life are pretty much the only way to get someone out of a car after a wreck, if they’re trapped. The Jaws of Life are designed to cut and spread, and it’s the only really effective tool to use on a car, especially because newer cars are made of stronger material. They’re very important. We partner with the Moffat Fire Department, and we can see some pretty gruesome wrecks that happen at high speeds. That is why these are important.”

As for why the Jaws of Life are the tool being bought, it is a move that is fixing a current problem, as well as preparing for the future of the safety of the citizens in Morgan’s Point.

“This is both a reactive and a proactive purchase. We are reacting to the fact that our equipment has lived its life and exceeded its lifespan, as we’ve had our current equipment since 1992,” said Phillips. “It is proactive because we will be ready with efficient equipment to deal with any car accidents that may arise. Morgan’s Point is growing very quickly, so the need for these materials may increase. We can be ready now.”

The very interesting thing about this purchase is the three-way split between the three organizations. A purchase of this magnitude has never taken place this way before, and thanks to the combined effort of these Ladies Auxiliary Club, the City of Morgan’s Point, and the MPFD, this purchase of these materials will be quick and economically efficient for all three organizations involved.

“The Morgan’s Point Ladies Auxiliary Club has been around since 1974, and it has worked closely with the MPFD for many years now,” said Karen Stagner, the current Secretary Treasurer and a past President of the Ladies Auxiliary Club. “This is the first time, and frankly I’m very excited for it, that the three of our organizations have come together to make a purchase of this magnitude like this, with an even three-way split. It’s very exciting.”

“The final cost for the Jaws of Life and all the material will come out to be around $17,500 dollars,” said Phillips. “Each one of the donors will pay $6,000 which makes this purchase very affordable. It allows the Fire Department and the City of Morgan’s Point to get this upgrade in equipment, as well as not devoting a ton of our budget to this, so we can expend it somewhere else.”

“It really is great to be a part of the three-way split and get this equipment that we need,” said Gus McMillen, the President of the Firemen’s Association