MPR gains former Coast Guard boat to rescue services

by / 0 Comments / 284 View / July 26, 2016

By Davd Tuma

Morgan’s Point Resort city council approved the receiving of a Coast Guard boat at their meeting Tuesday night. The United States Coast Guard is fazing out the 25’SAFE boats used in rescue operations. The boats were given to the Texas A&M Forest service and with the help of Hugh Shine the boat made its way to the Morgan’s Point Fire Department.
MPR Fire Department is instrumental in rescue operations in the area. The boat will need to be refurbished with the help of the Coast Guard. The other two boats will be replaced by this one of a kind rescue boat.
When brand new and outfitted the boat costs around $250,000. The cabin is enclosed and holds four that can be strapped in. The cabin is also climate controlled which is plus for winter rescue operations. Escrow funds will be used in the amount of $32,917 to help refurbish the rescue boat. The boat will eventually be outfitted to fight fires. A new boat lift will have to be installed at the Morgan’s Point Marina.
Work is continuing on the Rancho Del Lago and Sobrante Ridge subdivisions. Leadership from the Girl Scout Council have completed their preliminary plat. The plat will be presented to the Zoning Commission within 30-days.
Dock A at the marina is being evaluated to see if there is potential to move the sail boats to another area of the marina to possibly expand the area for larger motorized craft. The Utility Department has installed 600 of the 1,700 remote read water meters.
The Fire Department responded to 60 calls in June. Mary Ruth Briggs Library will host summer reading July 23 and 30th. Hot mix asphalt was applied to Timberwolf Court and Cottonwood Loop. The Police Department responded to 2,112 calls in June. They responded to another major wreck on Hwy. 317 near the intersection of Hwy. 317 and FM 2483. A neighbor cased away burglars on Bluebonnet Drive.
With the parks on Lake Belton closed the police responded to multiple issues near the marina and Oakmont Park including an RV that set up shop at the marina. Multiple arrests (eight) made during traffic stops during the month.