MPR sets major agenda for 2015

by / 0 Comments / 67 View / January 22, 2015

By David Tuma, The Belton Journal

Morgan’s Point Resort’s city council approved a variety of major and small projects for the upcoming year. BSP Engineers, Inc. worked throughout the past year helping the council create an overall play for streets, storm drainage overall water distribution plan.

The council approved the upcoming road repairs for the year. Driftwood Dr, Beach Comber Dr, Cliffside Dr, Aztec and Maya Ln, Mohawak Ln, Rosewood and Lemon Dr were approved for repairs with a total cost $299,017. The funds were budgeted and the council used the overall road plan to determine the streets that came first. With the price of oil going down the drain the cost to repair roads should drop in the upcoming year or years.

Each road in MPR is rated based on three conditions roadway class 10 percent, pavement condition 70 percent and traffic volume 20 percent.

Water town #2 has never worked at full capacity for whatever reason. The council approved reconstructing the piping system to bring the water tower to full capacity. A new pump and piping is required with the total cost $163,845.
A storm drainage plan was approved with a cost of $132,514 for Phase I. Culverts will be added to Lake Forest Dr and Market Loop. Phase II and Phase III may be completed after Phase I. Cost of Phase II is estimated to be $103,000 and Phase III $130,000.

New water automated meters was approved with Neptune a company from Belton awarded the contract in the amount of $356,276. The automated water meters will pay for themselves through reduced payroll. Hewitt has already installed their new meters and Belton is looking into the matter.

A budget for new light pools near the MPR Marina was approved in the amount of $25,000. When installing the new fuel line at the marina it was discovered that the light polls were deteriorated and needed to be replaced.
Cliffa Foster, Ed. D. was appointed to the Zoning Commission. Minutes from Decembers meeting was approved and Mayor Ken Steger announced he plans to seek reelection.

Construction has begun at the Campus at Lakewood Ranches a new subdivision in MPR. The MPR Fire Department responded to 26 calls in December and 461 for the year. Last month the department responded to six fires. The Valentine’s Fireman’s Ball is February 14 at the Hilton in Temple. Tickets are $30 per person call 780-9424 for reservations.

Code Enforcement cleared up 285 complaints in 2014. The Mary Ruth Briggs Library added 14 books in December.

The Police Department responded to 1,390 calls in December. A gun was taken from an unlocked vehicle on Golden Poppy and there was a report of domestic violence on Beachcomber. They recovered a stolen canoe on Shannon Road and a boy was hit by a vehicle on Rattlesnake Ln. A driver was stopped while mudding up Ansay Park. A vehicle went missing from a resident on Ridgeway Drive and they arrested the suspect in Moffat. Fireworks started a fire near Briarwood Rd with officers putting out the fire. For the year the Police Department responded to 20,831 calls. Only ten houses were broken into during the year.