MPR tax rate to remain steady for upcoming year

by / 0 Comments / 114 View / September 21, 2016

By David Tuma

A public meeting was held for the petition to annex 31.47 acres for a new subdivision in the west end of Morgan’s Point Resort. The petition was filed by the Girl Scouts of Central Texas. No comments were made during the public meeting. A layout of the subdivision was presented at the meeting.
John Mosely was appointed to represent MPR on the Bell County Health District board. Anne Lochausen was appointed to Zoning Commission for MPR. Minutes from meetings on August 9, 16, 23 and 30th were approved.
The council and city staff have been working on the upcoming budget. The tax rate will remain the same for the upcoming year. Kennedy White was named Miss Flame for MPR. The tax rate will be .6421 per $100 of valuation.
Water tower improvement plans are being developed and bids for projects will be established after the budget for the upcoming year is determined.
Roads are being built with asphalt installed on Rancho Del Lago subdivision. Bids have been received on the sidewalks at the MPR Marina. Work should begin in two or three weeks. Bids on new floats for Dock B for the marina have been received. Cost is estimated to be $131,580. Over 600 new remote controlled water meters have been installed.
The MPR Fire Department responded to 59 calls in August. There were eight calls out on Lake Belton and 15 calls for fire. Most of those calls were outside of MPR. The Fire Department assists other communities in the area. The each provide assistance to each other.
This month the Maintenance Department will be doing road repairs. The library added 20 new books.
A resident on Buttercup Loop reported a theft of cash. A person was arrested while going through trash cans at 4 a.m. The person in question had in their possession dangerous drugs. A home was broken into on Briarwood. Several arrests were made during the month involving domestic disturbances. A man ran into a tree on Vista Ridge. It was a big month with 12 arrests made.