MPR’s Fire Chief prepares plan

by / 0 Comments / 232 View / March 12, 2016

By David Tuma, Publisher

The Morgan’s Point Resort Fire Department provided a detailed report last month at the council meeting. It was the most extensive look at where the department stands and what has been completed.
The report is available on the MPR website.
“I did this report so we could see where we stood. It will give us the ability to make planning decisions. This report is for everyone to use,” said MPR Fire Chief John Phillips.
In the report it gives residents a picture and name of each of the leaders of the department. From the Medical Director Taylor Ratcliff to Chief Phillips the residents can put a name with a face. There is a page that lists new members and years in service.  An organizational chart on the way the department is divided from Chief Phillips to each fire fighter. This chart gives residents a view of who is in charge of whom.
There are two assistant chiefs, two captains and two lieutenants and the flow chart gives a view of how the department functions as a team. The department has two pumper engines, two brushfire trucks, a tanker truck, command vehicle, rescue vehicle and two rescue boats.
Phillips gives a complete description of each vehicle or boat the department has in operation, including when it was purchased and what the equipment is capable of doing.
The staff is cross-trained. The dual firefighter/EMT roles maximizes the efficiency of personnel and resources. The total hours of training for the firemen during the past year is 1,872. Statistics for calls were provided by year dating back the past three years. Calls are near historic highs with calls increasing from the Moffat area.