My Campus Tutors changes the (inter)face of tutoring

by / 0 Comments / 186 View / September 27, 2013

By Grayson Edds
Managing Editor

The Belton Area Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for My Campus Tutors at the BACC facility on Tuesday, officially welcoming them into the community.
My Campus Tutors was created approximately one-and-a-half years ago in Austin “by moms for moms.” The idea for this tutoring system came from a couple of mothers who were looking for convenient, quality tutoring for their children. From which My Campus Tutors was born.
In today’s technologically enhanced world where middle school students are issued iPads and the entire college coursework can be completed in virtual classrooms from around the world, it was no large jump to assume that tutoring, when done properly, can be administered via the computer rather than in person. While some may say that this takes away from the experience and knowledge gained, it’s important to take into account all that today’s technology has to offer.

My Campus Tutors uses a state-of-the-art platform that allows for live video and audio feed to and from both the student and the tutor along with an interactive whiteboard feature that allows them to share documents back and forth and even draw or write if using touchscreen capable devices (such as an iPad) during the session.
So they’ve got the technology down, now how about safety? They’ve figured that out, too. All tutors go through an extensive application and screening process along with a mock tutoring session to ensure that the tutors have the capability to teach someone material at all, but also to teach using the tools that My Campus Tutors provides in technology. After all, you can’t successfully tutor someone if you can’t master how to do it virtually.
And because the tutors are primarily college students, My Campus Tutors has the ability to provide an extra layer of screening by conversing with the universities on identity, age, grade level, grade point average, etc.
And since all tutoring sessions are recorded, parents, teachers and My Campus Tutors staff can all go back and review the session to ensure that quality standards are being upheld.
The company has also recently become an approved Belton Independent School District Vendor. In April of this year, My Campus Tutors partnered with New Tech High School @ Wascow to see what Belton’s most technologically savvy students had to say about the matter. The response was great. Tutoring has finally broken out of its old stereotype and entered into the 21st century.
“Tutoring isn’t just for the struggling; it’s a way to get ahead and stay ahead,” said VP Erin Ostboe.
Before their pilot ended with the students at New Tech, My Campus Tutors asked them to make a short video about tutoring, and 20 students responded. The winning video is currently on My Campus Tutor’s website.
“[Belton] is where we feel we’ve launched,” Ostboe said. “We’ve been able to approach other districts with confidance because of the relationship we’ve built with New Tech.”
My Campus Tutors certainly isn’t limited to only serving New Tech students, though. They’re able to tutor any student 13 years old or older in subjects such as math, science, Spanish, English as a Second Language, writing, grammar and reading.
Tutor schedules are able to be sorted through, giving the student or parent the chance to select the tutor they feel is most right for them based on a profile of the tutor and the available “office hours”. For example, you can search for an Algebra tutor who’s available on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. and then choose from the options. If you find a tutor your student clicks with, you can continue to use that tutor, thus building a trusting relationship between parent/student/tutor.
So if you know a student who might be interested in receiving tutoring, know a college student who might be interested in tutoring, or just want to learn more about them, check out