National Night Out for the Belton Community

by / 0 Comments / 87 View / October 17, 2017

By Taylor Powell, Correspondent

An exciting night of fun-filled activities was held at First United Methodist Church of Belton on October 3 from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Although the event was planned to be held outside the church, the plans were changed due to stormy weather. The incremental weather did not stop the Belton community from coming out to enjoy the inaugural National Night Out Event. The event was filled with free food, drinks, and popcorn. Jeff Miller, the Dean Pastor of First United Methodist Church, was excited about the event and the community support. Pastor Miller is very new to the Church; in fact, the night of the event was his second day of becoming the pastor. Although he has only been apart of the church for a short amount of time, he is already in love with the church and the Belton community that surrounds it.
“National Night Out gives us to an opportunity to interact with the community and get to know them better. Especially with me being new to join the church this also gives me an opportunity to build with the community more. I am very excited about National Night Out and the amount of support we have received from the community. It is all very wonderful,” said Miller.

The Belton Fire Department mascot interacting with children.

The Belton Police and Fire Departments also came to the event to show their support and build their relationships with the community. Officer Matthew Schwindt, an officer with the Belton Police Department, was excited to join that his department was apart of the event.
“We are here at this exciting event to build with the community and show that we are here. Even though the event was originally planned to be outside, I believe having it inside turned out for the best. Its just really good to have this event and to be apart of it, “ said Officer Schwindt.
National Night Out will continue to be an annual event from here on out. Adults and Children alike enjoyed the relaxing fun-filled night such as the one the event provided. The First United Methodist Chuch of Belton is a church that wants the best for the Belton community. They continue to support and help the Belton grow in the best ways that they can provide. The Belton Police Department and First United Methodist collaborated together for National Night Out and they were very proud to do so. The Belton community continues to prosper and continues to keep growing. For more information about the events going on at First United Methodist Church of Belton please contact (254) 939-5703.