Neal Potts honored for 40-years of service by MPR Council

by / 0 Comments / 162 View / August 26, 2018

By David Tuma, Publisher



Neal Potts was honored for 40 years of service by the Morgan’s Point City Council. Mayor Dwayne Gossett thanked Potts for his years of service and named the week of August 14 Neal Potts Week in Morgan’s Point Resort.



City crews have been installing a backflow system for the water towers. The system creates a buffer between the City of Temple and MPR’s water lines. There was a valve missing or never installed between the two systems that needed to be installed. The council approved the purchase and installation of the valve at a cost of $4,904.



They approved the MPR Economic Develop Corporations budget for the upcoming physical year. They are working on the purchase of park playground equipment and a committee has been formed. Pam Terry will head the committee. Director of the EDC Tom Edwards encouraged the council to look into grants for parks through the Texas Department of Wildlife. The City of Belton has been using these grants for years to drastically improve their community.



The council approved an upcoming election for the use of sales taxes for road improvements. Every four years residents must vote to use ¼ of one percent of sales taxes collected for the use of road improvements. This is not a tax increase.



City Manager David Huseman has accepted another position along the Texas Coast. Huseman was city manager for six years.



“I think he is over qualified for this job. We were lucky to have him. We got things done during his time as City Manager,” said Edwards.



During his time as City Manager, Huseman developed multiple major improvement plans. A park master plan was developed. A water plan was developed. Many of the areas of the city were dealing with six inch water lines. During summer months, low water pressure in MPR was the norm. Six inch water lines were installed all over the city after this plan was developed.



The Community Center received a major overhaul. Brush burner dumpsters were purchases. These dumpsters can be delivered to residents homes at no charge. In the past, the city hired out the burning of the brush.



The MPR Marina was greatly improved. New sidewalks, lighting and new environmentally safe floatation added. There is a brush fire truck on the way. The chasse was found at a governmental storage site unused. The state of the art Coast Guard fire boat was found the same way and it was brought to MPR.



There are four active subdivisions building in MPR at the moment after years of slow growth. Automated water meters were installed across the city reducing payroll or allowing employees to work on other projects. A new financial commuter system was installed. A street sign machine was purchased to get MPR in compliance with the state requirements. MPR’s signs were old and outdated.



A storm water plan was developed. Areas have been identified for possible future improvements in water drainage. Two class A Fire Trucks were purchased. A pumper truck is on the way.



Perhaps to put it all into perspective on how drastically things have changed for MPR, the city was purchasing used police vehicles before he came to MPR. Today they purchase new vehicles.