New Board & Brush studio gives Beltonians a chance to explore their creativity

by / 0 Comments / 92 View / April 1, 2017

By Kierra Pixler, Managing Editor

Board & Brush recently opened off of Lake Road in Belton and is already getting tons of positive attention.When you walk into Belton’s newest creative workshop, you instantly notice the familiar smell of fresh wood and paint. With hammers, drills, nails and various other tools lining the walls, it isn’t your average craft studio.

Owners Jan and Mark Scriven were looking around for another location to open up the business and came across the space here in Belton. With the solid community and continuously growing businesses, they got the process started and opened up.

“My husband was looking at locations and he came across this particular site and just liked it, along with everything that we heard about the community and how it’s growing and booming,” said Jan Scriven.

While all of the tools and steps can come off as intimidating, there are instructors there during each step of the way to explain the process and assist you if you need help.

“People think we’re going to give them a sign and they’re going to paint it, so sometimes they’re surprised when they walk in and they have a stack of wood, a stencil, a hammer and a pair of ear plugs,” said Jan Scriven.

“We lead you through every step of the way though. We distress the boards, we sand, stain and assemble the boards all together. You get to choose your stain, background and all of your paint colors after you get to the studio. We do need to know ahead of time what sign you want to do and how it is going to be personalized.”

With more than 150 signs to choose from, there is an option for everyone. Their themes range from sports, dancing, fishing, the beach, family, drinking wine and much more. All of which can be personalized to your choosing.

“One of the best things about the business is when you leave, they cannot believe that they made that. They are so proud of themselves,” said Scriven.

If you would like more information on Board & Brush or to make reservations, feel free to call (737) 701-2213 or visit their website at