The new meaty addition to Schoepf’s

by / 0 Comments / 154 View / September 9, 2017

By Taylor Powell, Correspondent

Bar-B-Que to a Texan is the same as water for a fish and Schoepf’s has understood that Texan love for Bar-B-Que for 25 years. Schoepf’s is a family business that is dear to the Belton community. Ronnie and Staci Schoepf have run and extended the family business in multiple ways over the years. The newest addition to their business is a meat market that will have a variety of products for incoming customers. Schoepf is excited for this new addition to the business and is excited about the outcome.
“We are going to do so much to the meat market and we are going to offer a variety of products to the community. They can come in and have meat sliced the way they like and take it home. They can take it with them on their vacations or hunting trips. They can come in and have the meat they want to order customized. They want it then we can do it for them,” said Schoepf.
The inspiration came from the demand of customers over the years. For years customers would ask for the business to customize certain meats that Schoepf’s offered. The demand grew higher and the idea bloomed from there. Schoepf’s also knows that the colder months are approaching and that means hunting season is coming up very soon. The new meat market will also have deer processing meat available during the fall season. Schoepf’s market will also offer other niche items for incoming customers.
“We are going to continue to add items. Different items and different home meal replacement stuff. We, of course, have the meats and cheeses, but we are looking forward to adding other things. Such as freezer packages, cool soaps, candles, and margarita mixes. Just cool and fun stuff you can have while you are grilling,” said Schoepf.
Schoepf’s is already an established business, that not only offers great Bar-B-Que, but also community entertainment as well. Schoepf’s has concerts where famous Texan artist perform and the business also participates in community events as well. Schoepf’s has been growing as a business for 25 years and will continue to grow in coming years. The new meat market addition is going to be difficult for any new customer to resist. The market opened in mid-August and is ready for your service. So, go in and order some delectable Schoepf’s meat that can be shared with family and friends. For more information please contact (254) 939-1151.