New Morgan’s Point Resort City Manager looking to better the community

by / 0 Comments / 326 View / January 10, 2019

By Kierra Pixler, Managing Editor



Andrew Bill was recently appointed as Morgan’s Point Resort City Manager. A small, cozy town that he is familiar with, Bill started with MPR in his twenties, working as the billing clerk from 1999-2005. Along with doing work for the city secretary and city manager, he soaked up as much information as he could. Wanting to move up in his career, Bill left MPR and attended Temple College and Texas State to begin his degree plan in Occupational Education. His experience working with MPR gained him 23 credit hours to college, taking an entire semester off of his degree plan.



“I used that experience and as i continued to progress in my career course,” Bill said. “I knew that this is what i loved. I didn’t know what i wanted do when i graduated high school, everyone else knew and i was envious of them.”



Bill followed his heart for a while. Between ages 19-21, he was a free spirit. From working retail to theatre and stage, Bill carried that free spirited torch for a while, but as he got older, reality hit and he realized that he needed a more stable career.



“After having a stint in the public sector and bigger cooperations such as Southwestern Bell and SBC Global, I realized that in the environment, at that time, I did not like the cooperate atmosphere,” Bill said. “It didn’t fit with my personality. I felt a great responsibility to help people, and the needs of the business with bigger companies is that you’re a resource. It isn’t your job to help people. It’s your job to do what they tell you to do and it just felt like a wrong fit for me. I couldn’t explain it at the time, but I felt unhappy.”



Bill said that when he worked for MPR for those six to seven years, it was the happiest time of his life. Bettering the community and making a positive impact was something that Bill craved in life.



“I learned a great deal while working for MPR and it was complex,” Bill said. “It was not a simple thing though. It was complex enough, but I was successful at it enough that even though there was complexity, I was able to navigate that and to make some positive changes. I just felt like this is where I belong. There is where I’m meant to be.”



Bill finished his degree in 2009 and entered into an entry level position with Bell County in the technology department. For a year and a half, he worked at a help desk, assisting various county offices that needed technical support.



“That led to the moving up to tier two,” Bill said. “I road around worked on hardware. In that process, I continued to move in up Bell county. I made it up to business analyst where i was working one on one with departments for technical issues. I did that for a few years and still felt like it still wasn’t a good fit, i felt like my passion really was in city management.”



Bill took a leap of faith and started at Granger in 2016. He worked there for two years as the city administrator, but still really felt like MPR was his home. Bill says that he never wanted to leave MPR, but felt if he hadn’t, he wouldn’t be where he is today.



When asked about changes that he would like to be seen in MPR, Bill stated that he would like to finish projects that previous city managers were not able to.



“The city is growing and there are a lot of things that are still left undone from the original developments in the 60’s,” Bill said. “ A lot of that is centered on the drainage and roads. When they started out, they started out dedicated to spend a lot of time and money on the roads. Initially, they did a wonderful job, but then they slacked off. Some of the roads got cheaper and cheaper and the construction was slacking. They also did not do a proper drainage study and did not complete a construction plan that allowed for proper drainage, especially on the north east side. They did not finish the water lines either. They have a lot of platted lots that need waterlines. There are housing developers that want to come in and build houses, but it’s expensive for them because they have to run the utilities. So those are things that i would like to see done and developed and improved.”



Becoming an integral part of the community is a top priority of Bills. Serving alongside the city council and partnering with staff to achieve goals for the betterment of the city is his his mission.