New water line approved at MPR City Council

by / 0 Comments / 71 View / November 29, 2017

By David Tuma, Publisher

A 10” water line extending from Clearwater Drive to Camp Kachina for a new subdivision being developed was approved by the Morgan’s Point Resort city council. A 150,000 gallon water storage tank, along with a pump station, was approved by the MPR council. The Garrett and Mic Hill Community Center’s name was changed to the Garrett and Mic Hill Event Center. The Event Center has undergone extensive renovations over the past few months.
Two lots at the intersection of Great West Loop and Corkwood Court were combined for use as a single-family residence. Storm water drainage design improvements were tabled. Camp Kachina subdivision work has begun. The council was waiting until actual work started before approving a major extension of the water lines westward.
The Maintenance Department repaired water line breaks involving 11 different streets in October. The MPR Police Department responded to 1,587 calls and made six arrests in October.
In other news, the MPR Economic Development Corporation approved funding a clean-up for a possible disc golf course in Smith Park in the amount of $5,900. The MPR EDC was also instrumental in the massive remodeling of the Event Center.