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Not just another dive

by / 0 Comments / 261 View / June 18, 2015

By Brentyn Young, The Belton Journal

Scuba Divers Paradise at Stillhouse Hollow Marina has been selling scuba diving related merchandise, renting out kayaks, and teaching courses to allow their customers to become certified to dive globally since January 2011.

“We (her family) really enjoyed scuba diving and wanted to bring it into the community,” said one of the owners of Scuba Divers Paradise, Angela Waggoner. ”We (Scuba Divers Paradise) are the only scuba shop in between Dallas and Austin.”

In the past four years Scuba Divers Paradise has established a community of well over 100 trained divers that go diving together every week on Saturdays and Sundays.

“Stillhouse Lake is one of the cleanest lakes in the state and already had a dock set up for scuba diving,” said Waggoner. A club through Scuba Divers Paradise called the Dirty Dozen goes diving every month to clean up underwater trash to keep the lake in good shape, which makes Stillhouse Lake an ideal diving location.

“We (The Dirty Dozen) help the environment and help to keep the lake pristine,” said Bill Ford, who has been diving with the club for two years. Also, every year Scuba Divers Paradise partners with members of local community for Trash Fest, where they pick up over 1000 pounds of garbage from Stillhouse Lake each year.

Scuba Divers Paradise offers a two-week course that allows the person taking the course to become certified to dive worldwide for the rest of their lifetime. The class is for anybody age ten and up and teaches diving techniques and diving safety. The scuba shop provides all diving equipment for the class.

“It (scuba diving) is a true adventure and an experience of a lifetime,” said Waggoner. “Scuba diving is one of the few sports that somebody can play for the rest of their life.”