Old Belton High School fieldhouse gets overhaul, new lockers for baseball, soccer and powerlifting teams

by / 0 Comments / 459 View / September 8, 2018

By David Tuma, Publisher



Everybody has seen the state of the art field house at Belton High School. The weight room and trainers room has no equal in this part of the state. The Tigers athletic department produces around $1-million in scholarships a year for athletes.



This summer, the athletic department reorganized and redesigned the athletic building next to the swimming pool. This facility used to house the soccer teams. “By working with the maintenance department, we could get a lot done with the money we had on hand. Every sport here has bought into becoming stronger. We added four more weight racks to increase our capacity. In our eighth period, all of our sports work out. Your talking around 450 athletes,” said Tigers Athletic Director Mike Morgan.



“We have over 1,000 kids at Belton High School playing sports.”



By redesigning the more modern building next to the pool, they were able to move the baseball team into more modern facilities. The coach’s office has solid wood cabinets. A meeting room was created in the old field house. A true visitor’s locker room for visiting football teams was created where the old baseball offices were.



The visitor’s press box at Tiger Field was remodeled. Air conditioning was added for the first time. The press boxes where originally built in 1996. “I didn’t think for a 6A program it acceptable,” said Morgan.



Storage units were added for each sport. Nice refurbished locker rooms were provided for the soccer and baseball teams. An area was created for the girls power lifting team. For the past few years, this building was for just soccer. These sports now have a conference room. “What we wanted to do is use the space we had to improve what we provided to kids,” said Morgan.



The floor was coated with a surface similar to what you have around a swimming pool…sand paper like surface coated to provide a non-slick surface.



The old trainer’s room in the old field house is being used by the Fine Arts Department. A total of four sports programs received upgraded facilities over the summer months. It looks modern and much improved use of both space and financial resources.



The boys and girls soccer coaches received and upgraded offices with solid wood shelves and desks. Dry erase boards were added to the offices. The junior varsity soccer team has 80 lockers. The junior varsity baseball team 60 lockers. Bathrooms and showers throughout the facility were upgraded. Storage space was added outside and areas created inside. Baseball has their own conference room using Rodney Southern’s old conference desk.



Full-length mirrors were added to the Lady Tigers soccer dressing rooms. They have a meeting room specifically for them. Murals will be added in the Lady Tigers soccer locker rooms. With 13 district championships over the past 15 seasons, they have a large number of athletes who excelled.