Other People’s Kids

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Parent’s Corner • AWARE Central Texas

Dear Sue Ellen,
I am sick and tired of people taking their kids out in public and letting them run wild. It seems like more and more, when I am shopping or attending some public event, I get so distracted by unruly kids, I forget why I am there in the first place. Maybe I am just getting old, but I believe kids are not being raised with the same values that I had growing up. Are you seeing the same thing I am?
Grannie B.

Dear Parents of Unruly Children:
Grannie B and I are sick and tired of watching you let your children act like little wild donkeys in public. Let me clarify. We don’t want to watch your kid throwing a tantrum in Wal-Mart because he/she can’t get that toy, and we don’t want to hear you scream at him/her. Calmly take your kid out to the car and get him/her (and yourself) calmed down before you finish shopping; or just go home and shop another day. We hate it when we see your kid playing on the toy aisle with toys that you haven’t bought. Please learn how to use the word NO effectively and without anger.
We don’t want to see dirty diapers discarded in shopping baskets or in parking lots. Really? You think that is appropriate? If I see you doing that, I promise, I will get your tag number and call the police so they can charge you for littering. If you are one of those parents, you are teaching your kids horrible habits.
Does your kid run around and bump into people or scream loudly in public places? Nobody wants to be around you, or your child, if you are that parent. When you are in a meeting, or church or a restaurant, please remove your kid from the area if he/she starts screaming or crying. The people around you are not smiling and thinking how cute you and your baby are. We just want you to go away and stop disrupting things.
When some people have babies, why is it they think everyone should be a part of every cute or obnoxious thing the baby does? Do you know the parents I am talking about? They are totally oblivious to the people around them because they are focused only on themselves. These kinds of behaviors are not acceptable. It shows a lack of respect.
If you are a responsible parent that has lovingly taught your children the value of being respectful and well-behaved, me and Grannie B salute you. Children are to be cherished and nurtured, not treated as some kind of unwelcome out-of-control bother to everyone that crosses their paths. Admit it. You’ve seen these children too. My heart goes out to them, but I still hate being around them, and yes they do annoy Grannie B and me.
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