Out & About: Look At Me Please!

by / 0 Comments / 63 View / July 2, 2015

Patrick Lacombe

Today’s lesson boys and girls, has to do with common courtesy and just plain common sense. Please listen closely and I will enlighten you on how to get along with others and even find out fun things about strangers and family members.

First and most important thing to know…. PUT THAT DARNED SMARTPHONE DOWN AND LOOK AT PEOPLE! How dare you! Your parents or grandparents have invited you to their home to show their interest in what’s going on in your lives. They love you and want to be a part of your life. They have spent good money and time preparing your favorite dishes and you repay them by staring at the screen on your phone and using your index finger to flip to the next page.

Your dad asks you a question, but you don’t hear the question because you are reading a tweet about Kanye West griping because a certain rapper didn’t win the music award, but you know he asked you a question so you throw a generic answer out there, “tomorrow or the next day” you say.

Your dad cocks his head to one side and says “I asked if you were still suffering from constipation. Please, can you pay attention and put that thing away for a while.” You grudgingly put the phone down and slide it next to the napkin dispenser but make sure you can still see if someone posts an answer.

Your wife, six months pregnant with your first child, has her pink smartphone in her hand, looking at the baby registry deciding what she wants people to buy for the upcoming baby shower. She is oblivious to anything said at the table and your parents don’t dare ask for her attention for fear of upsetting her.

Your dad says, “Look, is it too much to ask that you visit with us for a while? After all we only see you two twice a month.”

“Sorry Dad, how have y’all been doing? Mom, when are you having your knee surgery?” you politely ask.

Your mom’s face turns beet red and her face wrinkles as tears flow like a fountain down her cheeks. She stands up unsteadily grabs her walker and hobbles off to the bedroom.
“What’d I say? What happened? You ask quickly.

Dad losing patience sternly says, “Mom had her knee replaced this past Monday, I guess you didn’t remember because it wasn’t plastered all over your precious news feed on your phone. It’s bad enough that you didn’t even call to see how things went, but this is inexcusable.”

Your wife suddenly realizes that there is a mountain of tension in the room and asks, “Where’s mom, what’s going on?” without looking up from her phone screen.

Dad raising his voice a little says, “I’ll tell you what’s going on. You two are so self involved with yourselves that you don’t have a clue about what’s going on with family, much less what’s happening in the world. Please put those phones down and learn how to communicate with others by talking. Ask if they’re okay, show a little concern. You young people just don’t know how to talk to others anymore because of all your electronic gadgets. You stare at a screen while you drive or walk, and I’m sure that someone will come up with a gadget that will keep you plugged in while you sleep pretty darn soon, that’s whats wrong!”

You shake your head as you realize your dad is right when your wife replies, “Tomorrow or the next day.”

Y’all have a great weekend and may God Bless.