Out & About: The Bad Trip

by / 0 Comments / 71 View / April 19, 2015

Patrick Lacombe

Last week marked my Wife’s Grandmothers 95th birthday, so we packed up the truck and made the 7 hour trip to Marksville, La. to see her. I also wanted to retrieve a utility trailer that I had left with my nephew when I move here almost 3 years ago. He had been using it to haul his 4 wheeler to his deer lease and do other hauling jobs.

We left early Monday morning in my new used 1996 Chevy pickup that only had 26,000 miles. I bought it a couple of months ago from an 88 year old gentleman who rarely used it and it is in pristine condition as he had it stored in his garage all these years.

After the long drive, we decided to eat at “Po Boys” one of our favorite hole in the wall seafood joints in La. We arrived about 5:30 pm and noticed that we were the only people in the place. That should have been a huge clue as to what was to come as the place is usually full of customers. We also noticed that we didn’t recognize any of the workers from our previous visits. My wife ordered a grilled chicken salad and I ordered my favorite, Fried Butterfly Shrimp atop a huge salad.

After waiting for about 15 minutes, the young waitress brings out our food and sets the plates in front of us. Mine looks really good and I can’t wait to eat the large fried shrimp in front of me. My wife however, says to the waitress, “I’m sorry, this is not what I ordered.” The waitress had delivered a plate with grilled shrimp and salad. My wife can’t eat shrimp so we had a bit of a problem. The waitress said, “yes ma’am, that’s what you ordered.” After we both told her that my wife could not eat shrimp and that she had indeed ordered chicken, the waitress told us to wait and she would talk to the manager. She came back and told us that the manager said that she didn’t have to eat it but we would still be charged for it. Too tired to argue with her, my wife ate the salad and I ate her grilled shrimp and we left for the motel to get some much needed rest.

The next morning, my wife visited with her grandmother and I went to visit my brother and pick up my utility trailer. My brother informed me that his diesel lawn tractor was in need of repair and asked if I minded loading it up on my trailer and taking it to town to drop off for service. We hopped in his truck and went to pick up the trailer at my nephew’s house. I got out to hitch the trailer and gave it a once over since I haven’t seen it in almost 2 years. The tires were bald and the rubber had worn down so much on the right side tire that you could almost see the air inside. I told my brother that the tires were too bad to haul a tractor to town. He insisted that they would make it and again being too tired to argue, I gave in and we set off on the 18 mile drive to town with the tractor on the trailer.

To make a long story short, The mechanic was able to fix the tractor in ten minutes and we headed home. After a mile the tire popped and we dragged the trailer and tractor the rest of the way home slinging rubber from the disintegrating tire.

The next day, I had 2 new tires on the trailer and we set off for home sweet home. We made it to my brother in laws house in Morgan’s Point with no troubles. We picked up my dog which they had kept for us, got in the truck, started it, put it in gear, and nothing happened. We just sat there with the engine revving. Turns out, my new used truck transmission gave out. But at least we were close to home. So I’m writing this waiting for the shop to repair my truck. I don’t think I will make the trip back to La. Any time soon. Y’all have a great weekend and may God Bless!