Out & About: The Looney Bin

by / 0 Comments / 88 View / March 29, 2015


Patrick Lacombe

I have a problem, and they say the first step in solving a problem is recognizing that it exists. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this affliction, so I hope others will read this and maybe correct their behavior and benefit from it.

My problem is that I tend to spend entirely too much time on the computer, especially Facebook! Do I really care if little Sally ate all of her muffin or that little Johnny is taking his nap? No, but if it makes you feel better to show a picture of your cat using his new litter box, then by all means, post it! I’ve seen a lot of people who post via their cell phones that they are at the drive thru window at their favorite fast food restaurant. To me, (but I’m kind of a cynical guy) you are telling the world that “Hey I’m not home, you may rob my house now.” But, to each his own!

I just came to this revelation while reading posts from a group page I belong to, Scratch that, used to belong to. It was originally a page where people could post about political goings-on and discuss them. Then about 2 months ago, these strange People joined and started posting some conspiracy theories that I swear, are straight out of a science fiction movie.

The first one was about chemtrails, similar to contrails, which are the vapor trails that jets leave in their wake. But the twist here is that these people believe that the government is secretly poisoning them by dumping chemicals in the air and these chemicals are affecting our brains so the government can practice mind control over us. Give me a break, they can’t even get a website to work properly much less devise a plan to control our minds through chemical warfare. And what about the people who came up with this sinister plan? Do they have a plastic dome over their homes so it won’t affect them or do they wear raincoats with a tin foil hat to protect themselves? I gotta know!

The next one was about how the power companies are in cahoots with DC and are sending electro-magnetic pulses through our electrical outlets for mind control. If Johnny Carson were still alive, he would have enough material for ten shows and a “Carnac” special! I think the power companies have their hands full with keeping our electric grid up and going and not controlling our thoughts, unless it was “use more power.”

Next, came the conspiracy that next month in November, a meteor will hit the earth and the government is amassing an army of troops from the U.N. to herd us all into FEMA camps. Why the U.N. instead of our own troops you ask? Why to round up all of our guns of course. Now, there is a meteor that has rounded our sun and is on it’s way here, but it is estimated to pass the earth with no problems, so don’t start packing your clothes just yet.

Last, but not least is the one that broke the proverbial Camel’s back. Someone posted that they went to the NASA website and found a secret document stating that humans cost too much money and NASA and other world governments are working together to replace us with cyborgs or robots. That was it! That was my inspiration to leave that group. Goodbye looney bin!
So now, I need to find something else to occupy my mind and time. Let’s see now, I could read my bible, I could spend more time with my wife, or I could volunteer at some worthwhile organization. Nah! That makes too much sense! God bless y’all and have a great week!