Out & About: Where’s Belton?

by / 0 Comments / 72 View / June 10, 2015

Patrick LaCombe

Yesterday I saw something online that puzzled me and I have to admit, it kinda got my goat. You folks over 50 know what I mean by “Got my goat” so no further explanation is necessary. I saw a story on Niche.com that ranked the 100 best towns to live in Texas. To qualify, the population had to be under one hundred thousand and unless Belton has annexed Austin, I think we qualify. I couldn’t wait to see where Belton ranked in the top 100 so I perused the list (to our readers in Aggie land, perused means to read. Incidentally, College Station made the list.) and to my horror and amazement,  our beloved Belton was not one of them. Towns like Huntsville, Galveston, and even Jasper, Jasper???? made the list. (If you’ve ever driven through Jasper, you will understand the ????)

Some of the criteria used in the rankings were safety, schools, recreation, and shopping, so let me address these 4 items. First, Belton has the finest Police and Fire departments in this state. I’ve lived many places in my life and these departments are second to none.

Second, The BISD does an excellent job of educating our students and I personally know several families that have moved here so their kids can attend BISD schools.

Third, we have two area lakes with top notch recreation areas that cater to boaters, fishermen, hikers, and many more. Oh, I almost forgot, Belton has beautiful Nolan Creek running right through the downtown area with three wonderful parks in which to tube, kayak, picnic, or just enjoy family and friends while taking in the gorgeous view of the creek and downtown area.
Lastly, Belton has a great selection of stores in which to shop. You can find most anything ranging from hand made items made locally to those must have electronics to keep you plugged in to today’s fast paced world.

We are centrally located on I-35 with Waco only 45 miles to the North and Austin only an hour to the Southwest. If you can’t get there from here, then it ain’t worth going to. Now, back to our story. I wondered how Niche.com could overlook such a wonderful place like Belton, so I dug a bit deeper and saw that they rated these towns by the reviews that show up on their site. I came to realize that some of these people writing reviews have never taken the time to go outside their homes and discover what Belton has to offer. Here are some of the reviews and my rebuttals: (Food & Drink at Belton: The food and drink near Belton are decent. There are a bunch of chain restaurants in the area, but not that many unique places.) Uhhhh, have you tried the locally owned BBQ places or the locally owned Tex-Mex shops? We have Chinese and Thai cuisine and even a Coney Island eatery to name a few. Maybe this person had a hankering for some exotic cuisine only found in New York City, but I’m sure they could have something else to eat if they had only looked.

(People at Belton: People are very friendly in this area, but they can be rather country. The majority of people living here were born and raised here and have a country twang to their voice. Coming from a big city to this town I can really recognize who was born and raised here compared to who is here for school. People tend to be the type that dress up in cowboy hats and cowboy boots.) Yes, I agree, we do have that country look and I guess you may think we speak with a twang or a drawl……HELLO! YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO MOVE TO TEXAS! Texas is in the South and this is how we are.

Well, that’s why Belton did not rank in the top 100 places to live. I think it’s a great place to live a raise a family. I hope I have not hurt anyone’s feelings with my rebuttals and if I have I would like to apologize. Wasn’t that nice? Frankly though, I don’t give a darn! Have a great weekend and may God bless each and every one of y’all.