Parent’s Corner: Anger Issues

by / 0 Comments / 87 View / August 31, 2015

Sue Ellen Jackson

Dear Sue Ellen,
I read your column sometimes and I don’t think you know what you are talking about.  Last week you said child neglect is not feeding your kid right.  Maybe people can’t afford to buy expensive food, did you ever think about that?  I grew up poor but always knew my parents cared about us kids. I am not one of your so-called abused people because my parents didn’t feed me steaks every night.

Dear T,
Why are you hating on me?  All I am trying to do here is get people to think about how they are raising their kids. I can feel the angry vibe in your every word.  Did you ever hear of the saying “He doth protest too loudly”?  Oh, never mind.

None of us like to think about the bad things our parents did.  Nor do we like to think about the ways we let our own children down.  But if we all took the time to learn how to be better parents, free from making the mistakes our parents or grandparents made, wouldn’t we all be happier and healthier individuals?  We raise our children like we were raised, for the most part.  I’ve heard many parents say “I would never do that (what my parents did to me as a kid) to my children; but then they do.  Why does that happen?  Because poor nutrition, or poverty, or anger in the home (or whatever imperfect thing we grow up with) becomes our definition of normal.  But “normal” can be something better, and that is why learning better parenting could change our whole world!  Yes!  The whole world!  Don’t you think kids are worth that?

As far as I know, kids don’t ask to be born.  Precious, vulnerable little human beings are placed into the arms of some families that don’t know how to love and nurture them.  People in our society are more willing to support the fight against cruelty to animals than they are to take a stand against child abuse.  That makes me angry.  I am all for being kind to animals, but why do children have to take second place?

There is a mystery here.  Some children grow up in horrible circumstance but rise above it and become successful adults.  There are others that can never get over their childhood and struggle all their lives.  Then there are the ones that grow up in healthy homes and become train wrecks as adults.  Go figure.  I hope you are one of those people that grew up to be a successful adult and can afford to eat steaks every night, but I also hope you learned the value of good nutrition and the health risk of eating too much high cholesterol foods.

So you are angry because of something you think I said against your parents in the column last week, and I am angry because I want the world to stop hurting children. Do you think we should both take an anger management class?

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