Parents make families permanent on National Adoption Day

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By Kierra Pixler, Managing Editor


A special celebration was held at the Bell County Judicial Complex on Nov. 17 for the biggest adoption day across the country.  Courts and communities in all 50 states hold more than 35 community events each year to finalize thousands of adoptions of children on National Adoption Day.
Although adoptions occur every day, National Adoption Day is a collective effort to raise awareness of the more than 110,000 children in foster care across the county who are waiting to find permanent, loving families.
The proceedings were led by Judge Jack Jones and he was more than excited to be the one to legally bind these families together.
The first family to be joined together was the Powell-Scott family. The family was looking to adopt three beautiful girls that had been in their care for years. The emotions the couple displayed were beyond words as they waited to expand their family.


“We are happy to give you this honor and thank you for opening up your homes and your hearts to these beautiful girls,” said Jones.
Faith and Erica Powell-Scott tearfully accepted the Judge’s words of kindness. Before the end of the proceedings, the Judge addressed the girls.
“Are you girls ready to be apart of this family?” said the Judge.
The three girls smiled and happily exclaimed that they were ready to be apart of the Powell-Scott family.
The courtroom clapped as the tearful family embraced the three new additions into their family with hopes and promise of a bright future ahead.
The next family to continue with the process was the Motiu family. They were looking to fully adopt a beautiful boy and girl that had been in their care for years. Like, the Powell-Scott family, the Motiu family could not wait to fully accept these children as their own. The Judge addressed them with love and kindness and the family appreciated the Judge for doing the work to bring them together. Like the Powell-Scott family, the Motiu family tearfully embraced once the proceedings were done.
The individuals in the courtroom included witnesses and staff that were happy for the families going through this process.
Lisa Block, a media specialist for CPS, is happy with the work that they do for families.
“We are here for the families and we are happy with this work to bring families together. That’s what this day is about and we are happy to be here,” said Block.
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, these families now have a lot more to be thankful for this year.
Taylor Powell contributed to this story.