Parks and Rec serves up a splashing good time!

by / 0 Comments / 100 View / June 23, 2017

By Heather Regula, Correspondent

People of all ages had a tubular time at the Belton Parks and Recreation Department free Tubing and Movie in the Park event at Nolan Creek and Creekside Park, on Saturday, June 10.
“Summer is here, and this is a great event to kick off all the cool things that are going to be taking place in and around Belton. We have about 10 Parks and Rec staff here today, and we brought 30 tubes with us. We are very grateful for the Belton PD CHIPS volunteers who are here helping us out,” said Matt Bates, Director of Parks and Recreation. “There has been a steady stream of people tubing on the creek today – we have seen several hundred people over the course of the evening. We have a great partnership with Grand Avenue Theater, and we are thankful for them coming out and taking care of the movie side of things today.”
Daniel Bucher is the General Manager of Grand Avenue Theater.


“We mainly provide the movie part of the day – we set up the screen, get the speakers working, play the movie ‘Sing,’ and tear everything down when it’s all done,” said Bucher. “We have been coming and helping with the Movie in the Park since 2013, and this is our third year working the tubing and movie event. Community involvement is something that means a lot to us. Partnering with the city allows us to give back and to be out amongst the people – we hope our community sees us as more than just the brick and mortar movie theater.”
Hippie Dippie Donuts, a Belton-based food truck, was on-site serving fresh mini donuts.
“We started Hippie Dippie Donuts in March, and we specialize in mini donuts. We serve them ‘naked’ (plain)  or ‘dirty’ (coated in cinnamon sugar). We are excited to be out here today – it’s always great to work with the Parks and Rec department,” said Samantha Waggoner.
Gladys and Phillip Farmer, of Belton, set their chairs up on the grass at Creekside Park, adjacent to Nolan Creek.
“We are holding a spot for the rest of our family – we have about six family members coming to join us. Days like this are great because it lets us have a little family get-together while we are outside and enjoying the weather,” said Phillip Farmer.
Sorrane Eide and her family were enjoying the sun and water Saturday.
“We live in Killeen, and we love coming here. The kids have so much fun swimming in the creek and today is just a great chance for us to spend some time together as a family,” said Eide.


Ruby Carrillo, of Belton, and her 9-year-old son Jaylen Gonzales love all that Saturday had to offer.
“This is our second year coming here. It’s fun, and we love to spend the time outdoors,” said Carrillo.
“We are from Tennessee and are only living here temporarily,” said Lyric Cooley. “We were so happy to find this going on today – our boys love the water. Today is great!”
Saturday’s high number of attendees served as evidence of the popularity of this Parks and Rec event. Central Texans can continue to enjoy Nolan Creek and Movies in the Park throughout the summer months.