Peace, Love, and Unity: Bell County Museum Honors Martin Luther King, Jr.

by / 0 Comments / 136 View / January 25, 2018

By Chanel Snapp, Correspondent


Bell County Museum is located in downtown Belton and opened in 1991. The museum strives to provide quality learning through unique aspects in a museum setting. It preserves and interprets the historic and prehistoric cultural heritage of the Bell County region and has many exhibits on display for educational purposes.

One of the many exciting educational events in 2018 being offered to the public is the 2018 Spring Lecture Series. The kick-off to the three-part series began on Saturday, Jan 13 and honored Martin Luther King, Jr. with exciting projects, informational kiosks, and a lecturer.

“This is the first time we have hosted the event and hope to bring the community together like MLK would have wanted.” Kayte Ricketts said. Volunteers assisted children with activities which included making unity bracelets and a unity banner. “They are making bracelets to show unity and they are also tracing their hands and writing in their hands what peace, love, and unity mean.” Ricketts said. Children traced their hands, cut them out and pasted them to the unity banner displaying their heartfelt messages. The banner will be hung in the museum for public viewing throughout the year.



Each hand symbolizes the many different views of our children regarding peace, love, and unity and portrays a positive message of equality for all to see. Following the activities, Texas State University professor, Dr. Dwight Watson, gave a lecture on the Civil Rights Movement and the impact of MLK Jr. This is the first time Dr. Watson hosted an event at the Belton County Museum and attendees thoroughly enjoyed his speech. The event was well received and provided fun and engaging activities for children of all ages to learn. The Bell County Museum did an amazing job bringing the community together and honoring the admirable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The next event will be held in March. For more information, please call (254) 933-5243.