Peddling to success: Nolan Creek Lodge gives bikes to kids

by / 0 Comments / 78 View / June 18, 2018

By Kierra Pixler, Managing Editor



School is now out for many students and a few lucky kids at Southwest Elementary will be riding off into summer in style thanks to the Nolan Creek Lodge #227. Going on six years now, the lodge has been donating brand new bikes to students who had perfect attendance throughout the school year. Starting out as perfect attendance for the final nine week period, the last three years have been for the whole school year.



“This year only three kids had perfect attendance for the whole year (two boys and one girl),” Pass Master of the lodge Richard Williams said. “We donated five bikes this year, so the other two bikes (one boy and one girl) bike went to the kids who had perfect attendance for the final nine weeks. Perfect attendance is important for educational purposes and this is just another incentive to motivate the kids to strive for that.”



Hoping to help boost the perfect attendance record each year for the school, the purpose of the event is to reward the children for their effort.



“We want the kids to know that we care about them and going to school every day is a big deal so we decided to give them a reward,” Worshipful Master of the lodge Gregory Benton said.



Southwest Elementary Principal Stacy Cox has been there to experience this special moment with kids from the beginning of her career.



“We’ve been doing the giveaway since I’ve been principal here and it always brings a lot of excitement for everyone involved,” Cox said. “I see the pride on the kids faces when receiving the bikes and it’s just such a proud moment. The event teaches students two things; one, that attending school regularly is important and two, that effort does get recognized.”



Cox expressed her gratitude towards the gentlemen of the lodge and all of the hard work they put into ensuring that the students have what they need when it comes to school.



“The lodge starts us off with a donation of school supplies at the beginning of each school year and ends it with the donated bikes,” Cox said. “We appreciate what the lodge members do for our school and look forward to it each year.”



The event also sets a good example for the students. They see first hand how generosity plays a role in the community and how important it is to give back.