People are people

by / 0 Comments / 103 View / August 29, 2016

By Ryan Kiblinger

We have been traveling a bit this summer. This got me to thinking about all the traveling I have done in my life. Perhaps you have traveled too. Perhaps you have lived in different places, or at least gone a few places on vacation. Every where I travel I can’t get out of my mind one overarching reality. Now it is true that the vegetation changes. There are different temperature and different climates, and different plants. There are different animals which dwell in these places as well. I have sampled different types of food, and different customs which were foreign to me. But of all this, there differences aren’t what really have stuck with me in traveling. The grand reality which seems to most tie these various places and experiences together are that people are people. I know, deep, right? But it is true, people are people. Smile at people and they generally will smile back. Be kind and helpful with a person and they will be kind and helpful back. Be polite, and they will be polite. It really isn’t earth shattering on the surface, but given the climate of our human interaction, I think it important to mention.
We live in a world divided. Divided by many things, but under it all; people are people. We generally get labeled in our world for our differences, but I exhort us to stand together on our commonalities.