Playing with Fire

by / 0 Comments / 49 View / August 1, 2016

Dear Sue Ellen,
My boyfriend likes to do recreational drugs sometimes. He doesn’t get mean or anything, but it worries me that we have that kind of stuff around with our two babies in the house. Somebody told me CPS takes your kids away if they find drugs in your house. Is that true?
No Name

Dear No Name,
It is true that CPS might take your kids away if they are called out to your house and you or your boyfriend are clearly using drugs. Do you understand why? When you are using drugs, you are mentally diminished. Your ability to make good decisions and keep your children safe is impaired. You are putting your children at risk for abuse and neglect. Is it also true that CPS might not take your kids if they are called out to your house for an investigation? Yes, that is possible too, but they may put a lot of requirements and expectations on you and monitor you closely. Do you really want to take the chance of law enforcement and/or CPS becoming a big part of your life?
Please stop using drugs. Nothing good comes out of that. Yeah…yeah…I hear what you are thinking…; “it’s not that big of a deal; we work hard and deserve time to party and chill; I would never let anything bad happen to my kids; I love my kids”; and the excuses go on and on. Frankly, I am sick of it. Sick of what, you might ask. I am sick of seeing families destroyed because of drugs. I am sick of seeing innocent children abused and neglected because their parents care more about getting high than taking care of their children. I am sick of seeing the hollow eyes of young mothers that have been abandoned by their boyfriends or husbands because partying was more fun. I am sick of seeing the devastation caused by a mom that would rather get high than be with her kids. There are reasons drugs are against the law. One is for the protection of families and children.
Perhaps you are minimizing your situation. In the lives of many drug addicts or drug users there is an enabler. You sound like an enabler. You tolerate your boyfriend using drugs, but you clearly have issues with it. There is help out there for both of you. Maybe your boyfriend isn’t an addict. But if he is doing drugs regularly he could become addicted. I hope your question to me is an outcry for help. You are playing with fire if you allow this situation to continue. You can’t control what your boyfriend does, but you can control how you raise your children…something to think about.
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