Pleasant Ramblings: A Cowboy’s Life

by / 0 Comments / 89 View / October 15, 2015

Mark Magnan

Well football season is upon us again. Now I need to clarify that when I speak of football it is American football, played with an oblong ball and not really using the feet at all. I need to be specific here because being a world famous columnist has the hazard of not everyone knowing the proper types of sports or even the correct idioms that I would normally use. I actually do speak to people from other countries or cultures, that believe football is the sport where the entire game the players kick a ball and are rarely allowed to touch said ball with their hands. I know! Very strange customs. So hence the disclaimer, in case one of those folks pick up the Journal this week and have no clue about what I am writing about.

Well we know what football season brings here in Texas. We start the season off with warm weather and night games that are still partially played in daylight. Then the seasons change and we get more typical “football” temperatures. There are also other things that go with football, and not just in Texas, but football fans as a whole. We cook out, and if you are going to a game there is now an entire sport known as tailgating. This is a serious venture for some folks, and the preparation itself rivals that of the players on the field.

I am a big Dallas Cowboys fan. I have followed them for a long time. I am from Dallas so that is why I got started there. I met some of the true heroes of the older Cowboys. I have watched the highs and lows. I have my share of Cowboy trinkets and such. I even have some official jerseys. I don’t have a house full of Cowboy related items. It is amazing now all the things that are labeled with NFL (not just the Cowboys) logos. I saw a crock pot in the local grocery flier this past week that had the Cowboys logo and colors. And surprisingly this is just one of a million things for sale with the Blue and Silver or the Star. I don’t think I will rush out and get the crock pot.

When I was young we didn’t have all the fun Cowboys stuff like we do these days. There bumper stickers and a few small items, but not the Cowboys overload like now. In the past we had to show our support in other ways. There was a group of kids when I was in school that would meet once a week and we had a game of football in a vacant lot next to one of the friend’s house. Now this was a fairly organized game, but it lacked pads, coaching, and any officiating. Of course out of bounds was easily noticed because it involved cactus on one side and a chain link fence on the other, either way it was not the most pleasant thing that day. There was one day we were left alone in art class on the day of our game. Now what teacher leaves a bunch of over active kids in a room full of paint and markers unattended. Several of us converted our white undershirts into makeshift Cowboys jerseys. We had our favorite numbers and even crude spelling of our players’ names. We were all set for that afternoon. I don’t really recall if the semi-authentic looking jerseys made us play any better, but it probably did wonders for our enthusiasm. I also don’t recall my father being too upset at my altering of my white t-shirt, so I am sure he was basically OK with that.

I will occasionally wear a Cowboys cap, however I am not a real fanatic. Well on the outside, I have been known to yell at the players on TV and a few times just had to walk away or been tempted to utter a few “swear” words. I don’t think I will be doing the Cowboys crock pot this season. I do hope our season is filled with high points. Perhaps the crock pot might be a good way to celebrate a winning season, nothing says “Cowboys Fan” like sitting around stewing for three hours.