Pleasant Ramblings: Junk Food

by / 0 Comments / 86 View / October 15, 2015

Mark Magnan

Recently I was needing a snack, so I just popped into a convenience store and made my way down the aisle dedicated to snacks. Now this is just a row filled with temptation. I came across a package of cookies that I have not had in quite some time, so I was happy to see them. I purchased these and set out to devour the morsels and stave off my hunger. I might add that these cookies are ones that I really like as far as store bought cookies, however I don’t really get them that often. As far as packaged cookies go I am a real fan of Oreo cookies. If I was stranded on a desert island with a package of Oreos and a gallon of milk, I would be hungry again in a couple of hours because I would eat the entire package and drink the milk in one sitting. OK, back to the original cookies. I ate what I considered a small package, completely. On the back of the package was the nutrition information. Apparently I ate four servings of these cookies. Now in what third world country was this measly package of cookies a full four servings. I mean it did little to fill me up, mostly just a snack, so how was this to feed a family of four.

Of course this is America and we are used to larger servings, and it shows. The news is constantly reminding us that we are some of the largest folks on the planet. Now this might have a lot to do with the foods we eat. I mean we have fried chicken, or here in Texas, chicken fried steak, and mashed potatoes. I can eat a very large quantities of these, more than enough to feed a family of four, or perhaps eight. In some countries, according to TV shows that I watch, they eat intestines or hooves and bland rice, it would be easy to only eat one small serving of those entrees. There are some cultures that eat a lot of fruits, and I am OK with that, but I still need my meat and potatoes.

We are also big on bargains and saving money, so when we are in the drive-thru lane of our favorite fast food establishment and they offer us to triple the size of our order for 39 cents, we jump on that deal. Then we hear our parents voices telling us to eat everything on our plate, so we do that to be good stewards of our food. We certainly wouldn’t want to throw away enough food to feed a small village in some poor country.

Now who in the government decides on what serving sizes should be? How do they qualify that? I mean one serving of liver for me is about the size of a sugar cube, or smaller. A serving of Oreos is about a half of the package. Of course I offset the bad things in the cookies with all the nourishment in the milk, you know, vitamin D and whatever else is in there. A serving of good chicken fried steak is about a pound, and at least another pound of mashed potatoes. For the record I don’t count gravy, it just clutters my simplistic diet planning. Now before I get labeled as someone that eats poorly, I do like vegetables, broccoli, spinach, and all sorts of veggies are way up on my list. And no I don’t need a pound of butter or cheese sauce to eat them. I like fresh vegetables. I eat a fairly balanced diet, so perhaps that is why I can get by with the excessive meals at times. I think we should label foods accordingly, and certainly limit fast foods or junk foods for the kids. I have always liked vegetables, but I know a lot of kids don’t get them in their early lives so don’t get in the habit of eating well.

I guess I need to stop looking at the nutrition information on the packages, that way I don’t have the guilt of eating a weeks worth of food for some poor starving person overseas.