Pleasant Ramblings: Obligatory Food Column

by / 0 Comments / 84 View / May 19, 2015

Mark Magnan

Recently I had the chance to try something different, and perhaps new in Belton. Now if you told me that there were 157 Mexican restaurants in Belton, I would probably just accept that as fact. However if you told me that there were two Thai restaurants, then I would probably question that fact and demand proof. Recently I found out that we do, indeed, have two Thai places in town. Of course some of you may already know this, but I didn’t, and how I found out was a strange set of misunderstandings and just sheer luck. I met the cook of one of the restaurants and had decided to try it out. I had some basic directions, but being authentic Thai he had just a bit of an accent. I was asking someone around town about the new place and received some different directions, so I just assumed the difference in our speech led me the wrong way. So trying the new restaurant was interesting as was the discussion about their cook, who really wasn’t their cook.

Needless to say I have now found and tried both Thai places in Belton. Now I don’t know a lot about Thai food. The common belief is that all Thai food is spicy, this is not the case. Of course to Texans if a plate has rice on it, it can be only two types of food, Mexican or Chinese. Usually the tamale tips us off as to which one it is, unless you leave your glasses in the truck and the egg roll tends to resemble a tamale. Just to be factual here, Thai food is not Chinese food, there are a lot of differences. Yes they both may have rice and more vegetables than the standard plate of BBQ, but the similarities end there. Thai cooking has more curry. Perhaps the regional spices lend themselves to more of this type of dish. Curry itself is not spicy, but more of a medley of flavors.

I have tried a few dishes and not ordered anything spicy. Not that I don’t like spicy foods, I do, however they tend to be a bit harder on my tummy than when I was younger. Also I just like good flavors, and scorching the inside of my mouth is not something I consider flavorful. I don’t really understand the people that eat obscenely hot foods, it is just not something I care to do. There are a few flavors that I don’t care for that well, and some of those are actually associated with the spicy foods.

Now back to the restaurants, they are both very nice and very clean. One is in a bit more of a convenient location. The other is in a building that has been a number of established restaurants over the years. I can remember a few, including a very nice place some years ago. Don’t let the age of the building fool you, the inside of the restaurant is quite comfortable. I like to dine in places that feel clean to me, and trust me both of these places were nice and clean.

Part of my odyssey to find the original place led me to talk to the cook of the other restaurant. So now I have had conversations with both, and both have a bit of an accent, although they probably say the same thing about me. I learned some things about Thai food, and even some of the culture and history. What it brings to Belton is a new flavor and type of food. I hope everyone will give these places a try.