Pleasant Ramblings: What is really real?

by / 0 Comments / 66 View / May 20, 2015

Mark Magnan

Just recently we had a celebrity, and I use the term in the most vague description, make an announcement about some very, well, personal developments in their life. We have already been subjected to quite a bit of their family happenings. Now before I go further let me explain that I have not nor do I plan on watching their family drama unfold on TV, most of what I get about this family is just accidental by reading headlines or side stories. There are plenty of “reality” stories on TV now. Some people have a real story to tell, others just bank on the bizarre to get viewers.

So what is the current description of “reality” as in “reality TV”? What measure do we use now? What are we letting the young people of today believe is the reality of their lives? Will they come to expect the normal or something exciting and filled with the dramatic? How will they live their lives and make choices when they believe life is filled with odd happenings?

I know that my life and the lives of many others are a bit boring and mundane at times, but actually this is reality. Most people will walk in this same reality as they go through their lives. So in actuality, this is by far the most real of reality shows. A life that is very pedestrian, so to speak.

I do have some exciting things happen in my life. Let me post a few highlights and see if they are worthy of my own television show, I mean who wouldn’t want to follow the daily life of a world famous (yes I do have fans in other countries) photographer and columnist. What about the mornings I stop and get coffee, and even after waiting a reasonable amount of time for it to cool off, it still scorches my tongue and even a couple of times I have spilled some on my clean shirt. Now if that isn’t reality then what is? There have been a few times when I have had what seems like unbreakable writer’s block. I sit for hours, well, ok, maybe minutes before I get a decent idea of something to write about. Some real drama takes place when I check the mail and get an unexpected bill. How about the times when I have to call tech-support and speak with someone that doesn’t have a good command of the English language, or such a thick accent they may as well be speaking in pig latin.  Oh I do have exciting times when I travel as well. How about the time I flew and had my luggage until the last leg of my flight and the airlines decided to give us a trial separation. Imagine checking into a hotel room to find it is not clean or something is wrong. Or getting ready to start a shower and the water dribbles out like the last drops from a canteen in a western movie desert scene. Once I was in a rather large and well known hotel is a major tourist town, and I discovered they were out of hot water. If you have read my column you know my thoughts on hot water, it is one of the major inventions of modern man. Out of all the hundreds of people in the hotel at the time I was the one that first alerted them to the horrible lack of hot water. The desk actually sent someone to my room to check and see. Apparently they doubted my ability to operate the faucet. Granted some hotel faucets can be quite confusing, but after cranking on a few I feel like I am qualified to run one effectively. What about the reality of getting a phone call in the middle of the night only to find out that someone has called the wrong number.

Life is filled with reality, as we get older and more mature the more predictable we like it to become. If I want excitement or adventure I can watch a movie or maybe take a road trip. A vacation is a good reality show and one that will stick with young people throughout their lives. I remember those with my father and how I saw different places and had some of the best foods. I feel bad for the generation that grows up thinking cosmetic surgery or jet setting is the way their lives will turn out. They are in for a surprise. Speaking of excitement, I think I am up for a road trip. Now just to decide on what to wear. Embrace your life this week, and have a good time, exciting or not.