Portraits from the Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses: Ramona Manrique & Jose Rodriguez

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Special to the Journal
Ramona Manriquez (1)

That is the promise Proverbs 16:31 offers loyal men and women. Our Creator also uses the word “splendor,” which represents the highest level of development. Ramona Manriquez was born near Crawford in 1928. She symbolized her dedication to God by water baptism on March 27, 1957.
She was a homemaker and raised seven girls while always supporting her husband, Cleto. As a family, they moved to various locations spreading the gospel even using their home for religious meetings, before settling in Temple. Because of their interest in helping others spiritually, today congregations can be found in Georgetown, Belton, Killeen, Lampasas, Gatesville and Temple.
Cleto never received any compensation for his labors of love while providing for his family doing construction work.
Ramona has a huge reservoir of heart warming experiences, so when we asked her if she could relate one especially dear to her she answered without hesitation.
”Being part of an eight day international convention at Yankee Stadium in New York back in 1958. We were part of the 250,000 present.”
We asked her how she would define the word “loyalty” adding: “Always be faithful to God”.
Years have passed since her baptism, she has no plans of quitting her meeting attendance and sharing her faith with others. (Psalms 92:14.)

Special to the Journal

“He was a short man with an enormous heart full of love,” Barbara of Sherwin-Williams in Temple said about Jose Rodriguez.
“Joe” is still missed greatly, even after his passing 12 years ago. In a world that continues substituting spiritual things and values for material comfort and prosperity, how heartwarming is it to find so many families in the area who believe and practice that being in peace with our Creator outweighs anything this world can offer.
The Easy-To-Read Version of the Bible says “…trust in God never forgetting what He has done and always obey His commands.” (Psalm 78:6,7.) Yes, there is nothing like having a good, healthy friendship with our Maker.
Joe learned that lesson at the tender age of 16 when he symbolized his dedication to God by water baptism. He was an amateur musician, but provided for his family by being a professional painter. He did a terrific job training his two boys to make a living; they are licensed and certified in different fields. They also received his musical DNA. But their greatest inheritance was a healthy fear of God.
What did the oldest son do with his? For over 40 years, he continues to make the Christian ministry his purpose in life. Having served as a volunteer at the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses in New York as well as over a decade of missionary service in Puerto Rico with his wife Laura. He presently coordinates a variety of activities and translation from his home in Little River, Texas.
What has the youngest son do with his spiritual inheritance? He stayed local to support his aging parents while caring for a family of his own. He is an ordained minister that educates and instructs fellow beleivers as well as the public. Not only is his wife Rosario a full-time volunteer minister ,but so are his two daughters.
We can all learn something about “that short man with an emormous heart full of love” especially his love for God, he obeyed the law given at Deuteronomy 6:4-7 “Be sure to teach them to your children.”