Powerlifting cleans up at Cove Invitational, third straight sweep

by / 0 Comments / 142 View / February 13, 2016

By Tony Adams, Sports Editor

It was back to the road for the Belton Tigers and Lady Tigers powerlifters Saturday morning as they traveled to S.C. Lee Junior High School for the Copperas Cove Invitational Powerlifting Meet.
The two teams swept the meet in impressive fashion.

The Tigers won the meet with 51 points officially. They had five first-place, three second-place and a fifth-place finish. Temple finished second with 32 points, Lampasas was third with 30 points, Killeen Shoemaker finished fourth with 29 points, Copperas Cove finished fifth with 23 points and Rogers finished sixth with 16 points.

Here are the boys’ results:
114 class: Abe Villareal, second place (305 squat, 170 bench press, 370 dead lift, total of 845) and Santiago Ortega, fourth place (210-115-245=570).
132 class: Martin Stafford, fifth place (315-180-340=835).
148 class: Christian Castillo, sixth place (325-150-370=845).
165 class: Brendan Hunt, third place (410-200-400=1,010).
181 class: Alex Aaron, second place (450-260-440=1,150).
198 class: John Harvey, first place (510-285-510=1,305), Bryce Avila, sixth place (435-250-415=1,060), Jacob Rogers, eighth place (415-235-410=1,060) and Justin Buuck, ninth place (375-245-400=1,020).
220 class: Jerry Leyba, first place (525-285-500=1,310).
242 class: Brandon Gangloff, first place (515-345-490=1,350), Arturo Jaimes, second place (495-260-525=1,280), Cody Garrett, third place (530-280-460=1,270), David Fisher, fifth place (490-260-470=1,220) and Jarrod Jackson, seventh place (460-260-395=1,115).
275 class: Braden Martinez, first place (685-350-635=1,670).
Super Heavy Weight class: Javon Chambers, first place (675-340-485=1,500).
The Lady Tigers finished with 55 points in the girls division. Copperas Cove finished second with 46 points, Lampasas finished third with 43 points and Temple finished fourth with 14 points.
The Lady Tigers had four first place finishes, six second place finishes, two third place finishes, four fourth place finishes and three fifth place finishes.
Here are the girls’ finishes:
105 class: Arianna Garcia, first place (250 squat, 95 bench press, 245 dead lift, 590 total).
114 class: Zaria Hardy, fourth place (175-85-205=465).
123 class: Maria Martinez, first place (250-105-270=625) and Aabrie Hardy, second place (250-130-235=615).
132 class: McKenna Thompson, second place (240-125-285=650) and Ruth Perez, seventh place (185-80-180=445).
148 class: Sydney Andrews, first place (310-175-285=770), Grace Oyenubi, fifth place (205-110-245=560) and Kiely Salazar, sixth place (215-115-215=545).
165 class: Kamryn Rodriguez, second place (260-140-280=680), Lexi Barnett, fourth place (185-100-225=510) and Nila Parrot, fifth place (180-90-175=445).
181 class: Morgan Callin, first place (275-150-300=725), Maggie Dolan, second place (280-130-300=710) and Samantha Cooper, fourth place (255-115-270=640).
198 class: Julianna Thomas, second place (290-160-290=740), Danessa Ruiz, third place (250-150-275=675), Sydney Kianes, fourth place (270-140-250=660) and Victoria Riordan, fifth place (205-125-220=550).
220 class: Alana Powell, third place (185-90-185=460).
220+ class: Montana George, second place (240-125-245=610).

The next meet for the Tigers and Lady Tigers will be next Saturday, Feb. 5, at Waco Reicher.