Profile: Belton Church of Christ

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By Adam Zachariah Ramirez

The Belton Church of Christ has been present in the community for more than 100 years, with its beginning sometime around 1903.
The Belton Church of Christ has three main points that are put across their web page and put across their preaching: Believe, Connect, and Care.
On the Belton Church of Christ website, under believe it states, “We want everyone to believe more deeply in God. Our Sunday morning gatherings are dedicated to creating environments for people to believe more deeply in God.”
The Belton Church of Christ offers a full page of information about what the beliefs they teach are and post their sermons on their website in video and audio format so that way you can see how the Belton Church conducts its praise and worship.
If you are still confused or would like to know more about the religion, then you can contact their office, where they have a friendly staff that can explain to you what the beliefs are.
As for Connect, Belton Church of Christ offers LifeGroups, which offer a community with people who are in the same life stage as other. This helps big churches feel smaller and more personal.
Belton Church of Christ also is heavily involved with the community, by helping and sponsoring things like Body of Christ Community Clinic, Christian Farms Tree House, HEB Food Rally, Lifeline Chaplaincy, and the Apple Tree Project.
As for Care, the website states, “An expression of our belief in God is serving as Jesus served. We have many ways for people to serve including teaching bible classes, doing behind the scenes jobs for our worship assemblies, serving on a prayer team, giving of money and time, and many other avenues. We want you to find a way to serve so that you can help others Believe, Connect and Care.”
Earlier on June 1, the Belton Church of Christ hired new Preaching Minister Ritchie Hamm. Before coming to Belton Church, Hamm was the Preaching Minister for Pine Tree Church of Christ in Longview, Texas from 1997 to 2016 and the College Minister for Church of Christ in Weatherford, Okla. from 1983 to 1997.
Hamm is a Preaching Minister with plenty of experience for the position.
The Belton Church of Christ also has a blog, which features writings that deal with hard times or certain stages in life, which can be found on their website. Belton Church of Christ also has a weekly newsletter that features the worship leaders, prayer requests, announcements, and various other events and details of the Belton Church of Christ.