Putting the ‘Personal’ Back in ‘Personal Care’

by / 0 Comments / 87 View / February 17, 2018

By Guillermo Lopez, Correspondent


Belton’s Lake Road has a new a new member down its block: Dr. Andrew M. Dale and his family. An open house was held at the new Health and Wellness clinic, offering the public and surrounding areas a chance to meet Dr. Dale and his staff. Andrew embraces the connection between patient and practitioner and hopes to strengthen that connection through his new practice. “Healing is not all about pills and medicine,” said Dale “it’s about connection.”


During the open house, visitors were treated to a tour of the new facility, an introduction from Dr. Dale, family, and staff, as well as refreshments. Amongst the staff is Dale’s wife Melissa Ryan, and Ashley Reisner, the clinic’s Medical Assistant (MA) who has been working with Dale for the past five years. Reisner was working at the Wellstone clinic when she decided to help the doctor open his new practice. When asked why she made the big move, she stated: “He’s a great doctor and a great overall human being.”


The move to Belton has been in motion for years, and in fact is something Dale has been planning for a while. In fact, the idea to start the practice originated 20 years ago with the doctor’s want for a change in medicine; “Nature is a big piece of what generates a healthy whole” said Dale. The clinic offers a variety of treatments that do not focus strictly on medicinal means. Treatments such as Aroma, Photo, and Red-Light therapy are available for prescription. Instead of focusing entirely on medicinal means, Dr. Dale offers a holistic option for the community: “I wanted to have a place that gives people some options.”


Maureen “Mo” Green, a 68-year-old woman, took the time to drive from Temple to visit the new clinic and was surprised with the results. Green was considering finding other health alternatives for herself when she found Dr. Dale’s clinic. “This is a perfect melding between traditional and healing practices,” she said. Along with Green, other visitors came to see what Dale had in store for the community. Pamela Busby, another Temple resident, liked having the clinic there as an option for any health issues; “I think this is something the area has been needing for a long time” said Busby.


The clinic, which is located on 207 Lake Road in Belton, has a website (amdmd.org) and a Facebook page for potential patients. To contact for any information or questions, feel free to contact the clinic at 254-831-3172.