Putting a spin on doing your laundry

by / 0 Comments / 129 View / March 31, 2018

By Kierra Pixler, Managing Editor


Laundry is something that people do every day. More often than not, it’s a time-consuming task. When combined with work, daily activities and family, it makes it hard to keep up with.
Spin Zone in Belton now offers an easy and affordable solution to that problem: wash, dry and fold. Customers simply drop off the laundry they need to be done and when they go to pick it up, it’s all washed, dried and folded.


James Dean, the owner of Spin Zone, shared his inspiration behind offering the service to his customers.


“Laundry at home always seems to be an endless cycle that never ends and absorbs so much time,” Dean said. “We’re here to break that cycle so people can focus on more important things.”
Convenience is a big part of their strategy. If dropped off before noon on weekdays, they offer same day services. They also have lockers set up for after hours pick up for when the wash, dry and fold service is closed, but the laundromat is still open.


“Currently, we’re a basic wash and fold, and that’s our primary service,” Dean said. “We would like to expand into possibly ironing and accepting dry cleaning along with a few other bonus things, but for now we like to focus strictly on getting everyone’s day to day laundry cleaned as best and as quick as possible.


Providing detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets with all washes are also just a few added perks to the service. They also have a variety of detergents for people to choose from including hypoallergenic soaps, scentless soaps, and Tide.


“We will also hang shirts with collars at no additional cost,” Dean said. “If they want more items hung they may either purchase additional hangers or can bring in their own in for us to use.”
Stains also aren’t an issue when it comes to removal.


Armed with the right information and the right tools, they do their best to remove pesky stains.


“We do accept all fabric types and have strict protocols on how to deal with those special items, so you get them back clean and in excellent shape,” Dean said.


For more information on Spin Zone, please call 254-613-4479.