Rambling Thoughts for the Week

by / 0 Comments / 61 View / October 15, 2015

Mark Magnan

Why is the probability of getting behind a slow person or catching all the yellow traffic lights much higher when you are in a hurry?

Why are woodpeckers heads red? Is that indicative of how their heads feel at the end of the day?

How come drivers slow down to 10 miles under the speed limit when there is a police car on the road? Maybe they are trying to average out the speeding they were just doing before seeing the cop.

Did you ever notice how a traffic accident on the opposite side of the highway causes traffic to slow down on your side? I am sure that all of a sudden the drivers over here just more cautious and want to drive slower.

When you are a good distance away from home and you accidentally hit the garage door opener, do you worry that your garage door just opened? No, just me?

Ever get a friend that wins a large sum of money on a lottery ticket and celebrate openly, but can’t quite recall how much they have spent since the last big winner?

If you live in a city can you listen to Country Music? Why don’t we have “city” music as well? Perhaps it would be City and Eastern, well maybe we do and it isn’t any good.

Worms are good fish bait, but why? It isn’t their natural habitat. What are the odds that a worm gets dropped into the water? Are there that many careless early birds?

Considering an ostrich, can it run fast because it can’t fly, or can it not fly because it can run fast?

Along the same lines, a penguin can neither run fast or fly, odd isn’t it?

Why is it that your telephone number keypad and your computer keypad are exactly opposite, yet we can use both very efficiently?

How come on 96.7% of all the channels on cable (or whatever) TV have commercials at the same time?

Why are the bottom of shoes made from leather? Why not make it out of the the same material that the cow walks on? It certainly seems like a better choice, the cow doesn’t walk on leather.

Why doesn’t Wind Chill Factor work in the summer time?

What are hiccups good for? I don’t know what they “cure”, I have felt fine then got the hiccups and felt worse. Of course they come at the wrong time too.

Have you ever looked over on your shoulder and seen a sizable bug and then jumped and flailed around like a girl? Unless of course you are a girl then that would be natural.

Have you noticed that when you are waiting on an important phone call, the phone doesn’t ring until thirty seconds before that important phone call?

Why do people put out “Welcome” mats on their door? If you randomly walk up and expect to be invited in they look at you kinda funny like.

Have you ever picked up a book you were reading and the bookmark fell out losing your place, so you had to start over?

The probability of your car gas tank belching up excess gasoline goes up with the quality of the pants or shoes you are wearing at the time.

Do you ever see one single shoe in the middle of the road and wonder what that person thinks when they get to where they are going and only have one shoe?

Some weeks I just have too much caffeine and this is the result, lots of unanswered questions. Have a great week thinking about all these new thoughts.