Random Ramblings

by / 0 Comments / 83 View / September 5, 2016

By Mark MagnanHave you ever wondered what the big deal is about “organic” eggs? I mean if you think of where they come from, what small difference does it make what the silly chicken ate?
And of all the birds we domesticated for egg production why did we pick the chicken? Certainly the turkey egg is better and larger. Or if you were on a low cholesterol diet you could stoop to mockingbird eggs.
I had a disgusting thing happen recently, and I apologize if you are eating breakfast while reading this account. I was driving in the recent, and welcome, rains, wipers going and nowhere to pull off the road. When a rather large bodied insect (genus and species available on request) flew up and got caught under my windshield wiper, about half way. So for the rest of my drive I watched this carcass go back and forth across my field of view. I am sure that the initial impact probably dispatched the poor creature, however his remains fouled my view for a while.
Have you ever wondered what a dog would say if they could talk? I am sure that a cat would say; “feed me”, “pet me”, and “leave me alone”.
Have you ever noticed that no how many clocks you have in your house, within a couple of weeks most will have different times?
Why do people watch movies about plane crashes?
I was recently adding up all the savings that I should be realizing based on the claims for the home improvements that I have done to my house, and the power company should be sending me a check every month. So far that hasn’t happened.
Have you ever wondered about evolution, the normal type not the type where we evolve from pond scum. I mean somewhere along the line a bird ended up in Africa with no trees, so it grew larger with strong legs to run. Now the irony is that we have never seen a bunny rabbit that could fly. Doesn’t seem fair does it?
Has anyone thought about making sushi out of whale? I mean Eskimos like whale meat. And the best part, one whale could supply the entire sushi market, worldwide, for a couple of years.
Have you noticed in the old western movies and TV shows, after weeks out riding the trails and drinking bad coffee and pond water, the first thing that the cowboys want is a tiny glass of whiskey? Well not me, I would be asking for a gallon of clean water.
I was thinking the other day; what if colors didn’t appear to everyone the same way. What if green appeared orange to someone else, and blue was actually red to them. I mean there would be no way to know and it would certainly seem natural. It could be happening and we would not know it.
Why do birds have feet and legs? I mean if I could fly walking would be a thing of the past for me. What if a bird didn’t have good depth perception and kept missing the power lines when he came in for a landing. Would all the other birds laugh at him.
Speaking of laughing, what if there was a hyena that had self esteem issues, would he think all the other hyenas in the pack were always laughing at him?
Do you know someone that uses the phrase; “strangest thing I have ever seen”? Do they really see a new “strangest” thing every day? I have seen a few strange things, it is rare that I see something that tops that.
That is about all the pondering for the week.