Randomness for the Week

by / 0 Comments / 108 View / August 8, 2016

It has been a couple, OK well three, weeks since the Fourth of July Parade. I wonder about this every year, as I am sure that a lot of other people do as well; Do the county inmates volunteer for the “horse dropping” duty, or do they get sent out for that job? I am sure that some of the inmates want out, but to scoop poop? This query may go unanswered.
Have you noticed that the TV commercials that annoy the most as replayed at a higher rate than some of the others? Some catchy commercials that you like are ones you don’t see that often. The irritating ones are on ever commercial break.
How come when you are at a summer cookout party with friends and you grab the upside down ketchup bottle you assume it will squeeze out normally, when in reality you squeeze and squeeze and all of a sudden “BRAWP” out squirts a watered down mess on your hamburger bun. Not only does the noise attract attention, but now you have ruined your bread and you feel bad about throwing it away and starting over. So you relent and make do with a squishy burger.
In Texas the only natural enemy to the fire ant is the armadillo. So when an armadillo eats fire ants do they taste like little chili peppers?
I like the car restoration shows on TV. However I don’t really need all the drama, you knew that the car was a mess when the customer had it towed to your shop, so don’t go on about all the issues you find. Actually the shows would be more interesting if they cut out the nonsense. Show the car as it is originally, show some of the work, and then the finished product. You go from an hour of drama to 30 minutes and the show is a lot more tolerable. And all I really want to see is those three parts of the show anyway.
Do skunks have a really bad sense of smell, or do they find their own odor tolerable? Perhaps the only animal with a worse sense of smell would be the buzzard as it will eat a dead skunk, so thereby doubling the offensiveness of the odor.
Who was walking along one day and saw a habanero pepper and decided to take a bite, and then once they recovered from that episode, thought it was a good idea to cook with them?
It seems like some male birds go out of their way to impress the ladies, the peacock comes to mind. What if both genders of a specific bird are just ugly, are they attracted to each other anyway? Maybe that is what happened to the dodo bird.
Have you known or seen a bad driver that should have their hazard lights come on automatically when they start their car, because, well, they are a hazard.
How come I can buy a pizza on Tuesday, then order the same pizza from the same place on Friday and it is twice as much? Does it cost more to make it on Friday? Can I order the pizza on Tuesday for pick up on Friday?
Why don’t we have a holiday for the person that invented fried chicken?
With the popularity of cat videos online, how long before we have a “cat video” cable channel?
When someone has a car with a lot of problems, they call it a “Monday” car. Does that apply to all work on Mondays? What if you had surgery schedule for a Monday?
Is there such a thing as a professional “bacon chef”? Perhaps working for a major breakfast restaurant and cooking bacon all morning. What a great profession.
I hope your week is filled with great thoughts not really requiring the deep thinking that I have presented here.