Recycling program gets underway in Belton

by / 0 Comments / 89 View / January 14, 2014

By David Tuma



Monday begins a new era for the City of Belton when the entire community starts to recycle. It is a positive step for Belton and the surrounding area. Trash carts were delivered in mid-December and it took more than just a few days to distribute 9,800 carts. There are two carts used with one marked for trash and the other for recycled materials.

Trash pickup is once a week and recycles is every other week. The program was tested for more than two years in a pilot program that was a huge success. Maps of the city with clearly marked areas of pickup on what days were distributed to residents and the carts also contained vital information.

Weeks that have holidays will cause everyone to be bumped back a day on trash pickup. If July 4th is on a Tuesday then those whose pickup day is Tuesday will have their trash picked up on Wednesday. The holiday schedules will bump pick up days back for customers with pickup days scheduled for after the holiday.

“We have had just an overwhelming positive response,” said Belton Public Information officer Paul Romer. “Many people who lived in Belton recycled without a community program. On pickup, if residents use the recycle cart for trash it will be tagged and the resident will be asked to take the trash out of the cart.

“Our hope is that making it convenient to recycle will help increase participation. We will receive reports on the percentage of participation by residents. City staff received their recycle trash cans at their desks and they will participate. This was done throughout our buildings.”

To find out more about recycling in Belton visit The web site is state of the art and vital with all the different positive projects going on. There is a list of the Capital Improvements Plan projects and what is going on with each project on the site. The Public Safety Center Enhancement project is in the design phase with Architects Design Group awarded the contract. Sparta Road Expansion is in the planning stage. The new fire truck is expected to be ordered in 2014.  Avenue D sidewalks were completed in December.

“What we find is that people have questions all the time about these projects,” Romer said. “A big question is what is going on with all the construction on Hwy. 317. The same thing will happen when we start the Sparta Rd. expansion. By giving updates to city projects on the website we can inform the community. It is important to keep people informed. Internally the web site is going to be huge asset to the city.”