Red’s: The caring t-shirt printing shop

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By Brianna Bullion, Correspondent



In October 2012, Darren Perkins opened the doors of Red’s Custom Tees in Belton. Since 2012, the shop has grown and the name “Red’s Custom Tees” has become familiar to Belton residents looking to print t-shirts.



“It was really by luck that I got into this business,” Perkins said “I talked to Ricky Ruiz about starting this business and we got into a partnership with Emilio Perales to start the shop.”



The business has grown since its beginning in 2012 and has partnered with several organizations in Belton to provide them with high quality t-shirts.



“I’ve really built up a lot of business with Belton Independent School District,” Perkins said.



In addition to BISD, Perkins works with various churches in the area, the Boys and Girls Club, the Belton Youth Softball Association, the Salado Youth Softball Association, the Belton Tiger Athletics Booster Club, the Christ the King Catholic Church Springfest and various student organizations at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. He also printed the shirts for the CEFCO Military Appreciation Game at UMHB.



“When I print t-shirts for the Belton High School sports teams I give 20 percent of the money I make to the Booster Club,” Perkins said “They get to keep 20 percent of the money from the t-shirt sales.”



Red’s Custom Tees also prints t-shirts to support fundraisers for Axton Norman, a three-year-old boy who is fighting Neuroblastoma.



“It’s good to know that I’m getting them the shirts on time and that they are going towards a good cause,” Perkins said.



In addition to Perkins’ generosity through Red’s Custom Tees, the shop is known for providing their specialty t-shirts in a timely manner.



“We try to get orders out in two weeks or less,” Perkins said “I try to get orders out as quickly as possible.”



The generous nature of the business and the timely manner in which the shop can produce t-shirts has helped the company grow immensely since its beginnings in 2012.



“Every December feels like the busiest December,” Perkins said “This December was definitely busier than previous years.”



While December was a busy month for Red’s Custom Tees, the shop’s busy season is typically from August to October.



“We usually print about 1,000 shirts a week around August,” Perkins said “We print somewhere between 27,000 and 30,000 shirts a year.”



While much of the shirts printed at Red’s Custom Tees are printed for large groups, Perkins also prints custom individual t-shirts for customers.



“As long as someone has a good, crisp picture I can print it,” Perkins said “Even if someone has a picture on their iPhone, I can print it. Usually I can give a customer an individual t-shirt before they leave the shop.”



Perkins keeps several t-shirts honoring local sports teams from Belton High School and the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in his shop available for purchase. Additionally, he has several t-shirts on display in the shop for customers to view.



Red’s Custom Tees is a generous and well-managed t-shirt printing shop. The shop provides several organizations and events with high quality t-shirts in a timely manner while finding ways to give back to the community in Belton. Red’s Custom Tees is the place to visit for anyone trying to print custom t-shirts, whether for a group or an individual.



For more information about Red’s Custom Tees, visit or the Red’s Custom Tees Facebook page.