Renfro and Swindoll team tops field at inaugural Scores Washer Tourney

by / 0 Comments / 183 View / November 12, 2015

By Tony Adams, Sports Editor

Scores Belton held its first annual washer tournament last Saturday in the concourse of The Gin.

The tournament drew a crowd, both young and old, enjoying the day and the many Halloween costumes that were adorned throughout the day.

Drawing nearly 40 teams, the tournament was double-elimination and many of the teams played very close games.

In the end, Brandy Renfro and Stacie Swindoll emerged as the tournament champions.

Best friends for many years, Renfro and Swindoll have won washers tournaments before, but not together.

“We’ve played tournaments and won tournaments before,” Renfro said. “But not together. We always had partners drawn.”

They fought off many a contender throughout the tournament and even Renfro’s father and his best friend, Randy Blair and Roger Anderson, in the finals. Although it was nerve-racking and the crowd was loud, the confidence of the pair came through in their shots.

“It was definitely stressful,” Renfro said, laughing. “It was funny because all of the girls were rooting for the girls and all of the guys were rooting for the guys.”

“She tends to crack under pressure,” Swindoll joked. “Me, I played sports my entire life, so the louder that the crowd gets, the more focused. It puts a different level of fire underneath me to hear the crowd. There was no high-fives between teammates. We just got the job done.”

Although the field was a mixed field and had a few teams with two women teamed-up, Swindoll and Renfro heard that same old “We’re playing girls? We’ve got this!” line.

“We heard that the very first game,” Renfro said. “We looked at each and other just smiled. We don’t even have to say anything to each other.”

“We just took care of business and won that first game 24-0,” Swindoll said. “But the entire field was a great one. We played some great teams and had an absolute blast.”

Renfro and Swindoll got to take home bragging rights for the year.

“It was a great tournament and we had so many people here that had a great time,” Scores owner Derek Ladd said. “It was an amazing tournament and I can’t wait to hold it again next year.”