Renovations for the Bell County Loop Jail service entry ready to move on

by / 0 Comments / 107 View / May 12, 2017

By Lindsay Starr Platt, Correspondent
County commissioners gathered for their regular meeting on the morning of Monday, May 1 to discuss and consider items on the agenda. The minutes from the regular meeting on April 24 were discussed and approved.
Cody Stanley Construction, LLC was approved by Commissioners for the award for renovations and demo to  Killeen Juvenile Justice Center Gym Bathroom.
Commissioners also authorized for Bell County Architectural Services quote for the Bell County Loop Jail Service Entry Renovation. The quote was from MRB Group for a cost of $6,665.00.
Dentrust Dental Texas was approved for the award for Inmate Dental Services by County Commissioners.
Commissioners approved to cancel the County Auditor’s advertisement for Request for Proposals. The proposals were for  Fully Insured Dental Benefits and Vision Benefits for Bell County Employees.
Approved by County Commissioners was the “Release of Warranty and Acceptance of Roads for Maintenance” for two subdivisions; Hartrick Valley Estates and Three Creeks Phase 1.
The county commissioners met for a workshop following the regular meeting. Regular agenda items were discussed at the workshop as well as the mention of upcoming county events.