Reptile show at Expo Center brings exotic to Belton

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By Madison Ureste, Correspondent


The sounds of the jungle made folks of all ages jump with joy to see reptiles and other exotic creatures at this year’s Repticon exhibit. The event was held on Nov. 18 and 19 and took place at the Bell County Expo Center. The convention brought more than a thousand reptiles and amphibians to the public with seminars and best practices for having a reptile or amphibian as a pet. Each vendor was extremely knowledgeable about the animals they were selling and it was a thrill for attendees to hold and get close to several different species and learn about these fascinating critters.
“Education is the key here, that is the goal of our shows and a lot of people think [reptiles] are icky but they are one of the best pets [a person can own],” said Rayna Waddell, the manager of Repticon.


Photo by Madison Ureste
Dedra King with her Ball Python Sissy. King brought Sissy to Repticon in order to obtain more information on her snake.

Repticon was bursting with reptiles, captivating seminars, and live demonstrations with over a dozen of vendors and reptile enthusiasts educating the public on the care and history of these marvelous animals.
For more than 10 years Repticon has been showing an abundance of amphibians and reptiles all over the U.S spreading knowledge and excitement to everyone who attends.
Sean Bloodworth, a spectator at the event, said, “Oh I just love seeing all the different reptiles really”, as he strolled through the animals on display.
Many at the event brought their own reptiles from home like Debra King. Ms. King brought her pet snake with her with the goal of receiving additional education on her slithering friend. She learned of Repticon from a friend and by seeing a billboard and knew she had to attend with her pet snake. The vibe at the event was eagerness from the community to learn about these creatures on display and understand a little more about them.
The first seminar given was by Sean Tirmback, handling a snake up close to the public. He demonstrated various ways to handle a snake that is venomous with a snake hook. His demonstration was interesting and showed the importance of safety while handling these potentially dangerous animals.
Sean said, “I have been working with snakes my whole life and I turned it into a full-time business 13 years ago. Me and my wife run the company Best Exotics.”
To learn more about Repticon and the next cities they will be in, please visit their website at