Residents brag on care, services at Park Place Manor

by / 0 Comments / 258 View / August 31, 2016

By Lindsay Starr Platt

“It is not home, but they care about me, and that makes it my home now.”
“The staff is pleasant, friendly and always looking out for me.”
Those are words spoken by residents at Park Place Manor in Belton. Since 1987 Park Place Manor has provided a home for area residents needing nursing or rehabilitation care.
“Park Place Manor offers a variety of programs and special interest events. From preparing arts and crafts for the Resident Council Bazaar to special guests who bring smiles to our residents faces because of sharing their special talents. We offer church services, fitness fun, bean bag toss and bingo,” said Annie McCall, Administrator, Park Place Manor. “All of our programs are geared towards our residents’ interests. We invite and encourage their family members and friends to join them.”
All events take place at Park Place Manor. The only time there is an off-site event is at Christmas.
“The fall season is always a special time at Park Place Manor. We offer many fun-filled activities for our residents. October will include our annual Family Day Luncheon. And November is the Resident Council Bazaar,” said McCall.
Volunteers are always welcome at Park Place Manor to help with events and activities. Park Place Manor has an organized volunteer program with over 75 volunteers. Volunteers assist our residents with many of the activities offered. Those interested in volunteering please contact the Quality of Life Director at 254-939-1876.
“Park Place Manor has established itself as a very clean and pleasant environment. I believe the longevity of the overall staff speaks for itself. We have genuine concern and commitment to quality health care and it seems obvious to those who enter our facility. We hope to strive to show proof of that to those who may need our services,” said McCall “We are fortunate to have a lot of community support. The local churches, colleges, and schools offer our residents a link that keeps them connected to the community. This builds relationships and enhances our residents’ lives with a variety of ministries and truly makes a difference.”
Park Place Manor is licensed to care for 114 total residents. Occupancy is almost always full to capacity.
“I have resided in the Temple/Belton area for over 30 years. Temple College and UMHB brought me to this area and I enjoyed it so much I decided to stay. This is a nice region to raise a family,” said McCall. “Many of our Park Place Manor employees are Beltonians. Some were born and raised here and some have relocated here because of the hometown feel the Belton community provides.”
Park Place Manor provides job opportunities for Belton and is always seeking the best caregivers.
“Customized services are an achievement that only a quality team can provide,” said McCall.