Residents cautioned against fraudulent roofing companies

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Published April 17, 2014

By David Tuma, Journal reporter

With any storm, whether it is a hurricane that hits Galveston or a hail storm in Belton, roofs need to be fixed. And no, if it is wide spread, the local roofing companies can’t handle all of that business at once.
Local roofing companies usually end up having to fix a portion of the roofs done by companies that do nothing other than chase storms.
“If it is a much lower price more than likely it will be a less quality roof,” said Jeff Ling of Peerless Enterprise Roofing on Taylor’s Valley Road.
One thing to watch for is a contractor asking for a deposit. In 2013, there was a storm in Temple and there were several cases of residents paying for a deposit to a person they never saw again.
Ask for a local drivers license, Better Business Bureau membership and a local phone number. The local phone number might not be enough because many of these companies acquire a local cell number that transfers to another state.
“Not all of these companies are bad,” Ling said. “But, every time there is a storm we have to deal with people who have been cheated. We want people to make a wise choice. Do not give money till there is material on site. Reject shingles is what some of these companies use and we get asked to fix it. We can’t get all the business in a disaster and we know that. What we do get blamed for is by association and we have to deal with this.”
If you have damage to gutters and windows try to find one company to handle all of it. If there is somebody going door-to-door they have to provide a city permit when asked. Yard signs are only allowed if there is work being performed.
“This is a business transaction. Make sure the contractor has general liability,” Ling said. “If a worker falls off the roof and gets seriously hurt and the company you hire does not have insurance then the attorney is more than likely going to go after the homeowner. Again, who you hire is your business partner.”
The minimum required for general liability is $1 million.